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The role of Communities of Practice in building resilient societies

Facebook groups not cutting it? Participate Learning engages a community of 900 members with this tool instead

Five Star, SETDA and Participate partner to create comprehensive learning environments for Indiana educators

5 Mistakes you can’t afford to make when designing online courses

Think you need an LMS? Sadlier scaled its business and impact in five months with this community tool instead

There’s a better way to scale (and engage) your community — 6 Strategies to take your community to the next level

Participate Podcast: Mia Pumo from Constructive Learning Design

Growing a global community of educators through virtual events

Saving summer through innovative online community

Participate named EdTech startup of the year in 2020 EdTech Breakthrough Awards Program

Participate Podcast: Dr. Margaret Honey with NYSCI

Brewing up online community for women coffee growers around the world

From silos to squads: Building an organization focused on equitable collaboration

Participate, Inc. recognized as 2020 EdTech Organization Setting a Trend

Beyond the panic: Building community in a time of coronavirus

Launching a Free Community to Support Caregivers amid School Closings

#ICANHELP partners with Participate to support students in building healthy digital habits

Preparing professionals for a rapidly changing workforce

Connecting and supporting black and brown women founders through online community

Building a better world through community

Building community around the next generation of entrepreneurs

Principles of effective time-bound learning experiences

Equipping teachers to create global impact

How educators benefit from micro-credentialing systems

ISTE top 10 tips for first-timers

Wabash Valley Education Center partners with Participate to support ELL instruction

[Infographic] How to support educator growth

Build your legacy: How leading with compassion, empathy and community supports teacher development

It's time to reimagine professional learning

A partnership to achieve the Global Goals

Tips for integrating STEAM on a budget

How to get the most out of your FETC experience

Professional learning should matter

Combining forces for good in education

Spark empathy through collaborative fellowship

Reimagining spelling instruction

Participate in the Hour of Code

Make room for media literacy

Building trust through educator peer review

5 Ways to spark empathy and kindness in your classroom

6 Things you need to know about micro-credentials for professional development

Helping students understand the power of words

Is student learning directly impacted by teacher PD?

4 tips to turn controversial topics into meaningful classroom discussions

5 Reasons continuous learning platforms are the future of PD

Giving teachers the freedom to fail

Dive deeper into Twitter for educators

What does effective educator PD look like?

Theory of action: Positive impact on teaching and learning

About Participate

Participate combines your favorite parts of social media and online learning to connect community members, grow organizational impact and support scalable learning opportunities, all in one place.

Trusted by school districts, nonprofits and education organizations across the nation, Participate takes existing professional learning initiatives and builds a digital community that provides value for your community members and meaningful impact for your organization.

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