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Community Insights from Learning Leaders

by Participate on

Throughout 2023, we talked with extraordinary experts across higher education who are leveraging digital communities of practice to impact learning for learners of all ages and professionals alike.

If you missed these 30-minute "Conversation on Lifelong Learning," we invite you to view them now. During these insightful conversations, we learned how higher ed leaders are using Participate communities of practice to enhance learning, drive revenue and drive forward their impactful initiatives.

Scaling Literacy Teaching and Learning in Missouri

We talked with Shea Kerkhoff, associate professor of secondary education at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis about how they’re making professional development more accessible for Missouri teachers through communities of practice.

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Dreaming, Doing and Driving a Community of Practice

We learned from Stephanie Pierotti, director of ShapingEDU at Arizona State University about how ShapingEDU is leveraging a digital community of practice to build teams, projects and sharable resources to advance their mission and impact their community across ASU and beyond. 

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Closing the Digital Divide Through the Power of Community

Krystal Rawls, PhD director of the California State University Dominguez Hills Workforce Integration Network (CSUDH WIN) shared with us how her organization is using a Participate digital community of practice to support their ecosystem of learners, university and community partners through a grant-funded project to close the digital divide.

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Creating Value Through Building a Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We talked with David Wyrick, PhD, chief innovation officer at UNC Greensboro to discuss the inception of a new digital entrepreneurial ecosystem for Innovate UNCG. David shares insights into how a digital community can serve as a robust ecosystem for nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

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