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Webinar: Creating Value Through Building a Digital Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

by Julie Keane on
Lifelong Learning Conversation Series
Participate CLO Julie Keane talks with David Wyrick, PhD, chief innovation officer at UNC Greensboro to discuss the inception of a new digital entrepreneurial ecosystem for Innovate UNCG. David shares insights into how a digital community can serve as a robust ecosystem for nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs. 
During this 30-minute conversation, you will:
  1. Gain an understanding about the mission of the Innovate UNCG and how it aims to create value through a digital entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  2. Learn how community is crucial to support budding entrepreneurs, and how technology is making community-building more seamless than ever before.

  3. Pick up some “lessons learned” to help them build a best-in-class community of practice for their purposes.

The live conversation took place Tuesday, October 10, 12:30-1:00 p.m. EDT.
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Key Highlights from the conversation

A few highlights of the conversation:

  • David Wyrick explains that while Innovate UNCG aims to be a key service center for students and faculty by translating academic work into societal solutions.
  • Innovate UNCG is launching an impact and innovation hub within each school or college to promote interdisciplinary efforts and accelerate initiatives.
  • UNCG leverages technology tools to support impactful community building, including Participate for crucial outreach and community building.
  • David emphasizes the differentiates between transactional courses on an LMS like Canvas and participatory professional development and microcredentialing through Participate's digital community of practice.
  • Pro tip from David: Collaborate with Participate to design and build your community of practice with intention and purpose — to prioritize social learning and collaboration.
  • Recognition and badging systems are increasingly important for acknowledging diverse activities and skills in a modern workforce. UNCG is excited about the integration of badging and stackable microcredentials within Participate.

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