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Community of Practice Resources: Must-Haves

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Welcome to "Community of Practice Resources: Must Haves" — your guide to the five resources that have helped our customers build and scale vibrant communities of practice this year!

These are the game changers — tools that have not only facilitated learning but have also empowered educators, learners, and organizations. 

Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the tools you need to make 2024 a year of even greater learning and growth. 

Guide to Communities of Practice

Dive into our guide, where we explore the transformative power of Communities of Practice (CoP). This comprehensive resource is more than just a manual; it's a roadmap to unlocking the potential of your organization through collaborative learning and shared expertise.

Download the Guide →

3 Ways to Engage Lifelong Learners

We invite you to download this short guide for three practical ways you can better engage lifelong learners — and promote collaboration, boost productivity and certify achievements. Examples from UNC Greensboro and University of Missouri-St. Louis included!

Download the Guide →

How to Design and Build a Community of Practice

Below, you can view and download what we think of as a QuickStart Guide to Building Engaging, Collaborative Communities of Practice.

–Who are your members?
–What is the interest or focus of your community?
–What is your shared desired outcomes(s) and goals?

Download the Guide →

How to Engage and Scale Your Community of Practice

We gave you a Quick Guide to Building Communities of Practice.

But, how do you engage, sustain and even grow

This one-page guide is for you: How to Engage and Scale Your Community of Practice. Ideas for social media, webinars, group chats and even in-person events.

Download the Guide →

Virtual Events Checklist

How can you leverage your community of practice to make a virtual event more impactful? 

Download the Virtual Events Checklist to make your events more seamless, inclusive, collaborative and organized.

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