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Participate To Help Promote Upcoming “Jobs for the Future/W3C Verifiable Credentials Education Task Force Plugfest #2”

by Mark Otter on

(Chapel Hill, N.C.) November 10, 2022 – Participate Inc., a social learning leader that designs and hosts communities of practice on its proprietary platform to impact workforce learning and development, today announced their participation in the Jobs for the Future/W3C Verifiable Credentials Education Task Force (JFF/VC-EDU) Plugfest #2. Plugfest #2 is a digital event focused on interoperable verifiable learning and employment records (LER). A demo event will be held on Monday, November 14 at 9 am Pacific Time at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, C.A. and via Zoom.

Participate’s involvement reflects the company’s growing leadership position in the digital credentials and open badge movement. “We are proud to join this influential industry event,” said Julie Keane, Chief Learning Officer at Participate. “Participate is committed to opening new paths in the emerging field of online learning and the digital credentials industry, and we are excited to collaborate with other leading organizations at Plugfest #2.”

Participate partner Black Girl Ventures (BGV), an organization dedicated to creating access to social and financial capital for Black and Brown women-identifying founders and entrepreneurs, will join Participate during the demo event to plug one of its digital credentials into two digital wallets: the Learning Credential Wallet by MIT Digital Credential Consortium and the LearnCard by the Learning Economy Foundation. BGV’s digital credentials are offered within its Participate Community, a certified Open Badge platform.

The “ease of people being able to navigate, complete and submit coursework, and earn digital credentials,” said Shelly Omílàdé Bell, BGV founder and CEO, “is key to enabling the social enterprise to using credentialed courses on the Participate platform for expanding and scaling BGV’s trusted mentorship and training initiatives.

Along with Participate, other organizations partnering in Jobs for the Future/W3C Verifiable Credentials Education Task Force’s Plugfest #2 include MATTR, Territorium and Digital Bazaar. JFF/VC-EDU’s Plugfest #2 is one of a series of interoperability plugfests, modeled on the Department of Homeland Security’s plugfests, that provide funding to vendors that can demonstrate the use of W3C Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. Participants are required to display an Open Badge 3.0, including a badge image, issuer name, achievement name, description and criteria, as well as a three- to five-minute video demonstration.

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