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Transformative Stories: Celebrating Impact and Innovation

by Participate on

As we reflect on the past year, and some of our favorite moments, many are about the transformative stories that have emerged — stories of resilience, innovation, and impactful change through community.

In this special feature, we spotlight several remarkable initiatives for which we've been grateful to be a part. These organizations are reshaping the landscape of education, community empowerment, and social justice.

Transforming Early Childhood Education with the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition and PASO

In 1980, the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition (CSPC) embarked on a mission to empower Latino families for educational excellence. Fast forward to today — PASO in collaboration with Participate is empowering communities, one childcare provider at a time, through its groundbreaking program PASO (Providers Advancing Student Outcomes).

PASO addresses the critical role of FFN (Friends, Families, and Neighbors) providers in early childhood development. These informal caregivers are the unsung heroes in a child's early years, especially within the Latino community, which forms one-third of Colorado's public school population.

PASO stands as a testament to effective upskilling and community building. The program's success is evident in its digital transformation from face-to-face training to online programming, creating a supportive online community of practice for providers across Colorado.

We invite you to watch Lorena Garcia, CEO of CSPC, highlight how this initiative is more than just a training program — it's a movement towards closing the opportunity gap in education.

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NYC Department of Education Tech Fellows

We're thrilled to highlight the innovative NYC Department of Education Tech Fellows Program. This pioneering initiative has been instrumental in transforming the educational landscape for over 1.1 million students across NYC.

This program supports principal-fellows to become tech-savvy educational leaders leveraging the power of learning in a vibrant community of practice.

And, it's more than just professional development; it's about equipping school leaders with the tools and skills to revolutionize learning through technology.

The results? Empowered educators, innovative strategies, and a meaningful impact on student learning.We invite you to learn more about how NYC is putting technology to work for good.

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Empowering Black and Brown Women Founders

The journey of Black Girl Ventures is nothing short of inspiring. To date, BGV has funded 450+ women-led companies and created a vibrant community of 20,000+ entrepreneurs and creators.

With the help of Participate digital communities of practice, BGV's Change Agent Fellowship transformed into a dynamic online curriculum, connecting and empowering women across the globe. This is more than just a story of success; it's a blueprint for impactful community building and inclusive growth.

Click below for details about how Participate and Black Girl Ventures have partnered for impact.

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But wait... there's more!

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