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Webinar: Mobilizing Scientific Minds for Global Impact

by Julie Keane on

In this 30-minute webinar, Participate CLO Julie Keane, PhD talks with Benjamin Young, PhD, senior program manager of strategic initiatives at the International Science Reserve (ISR), an initiative of the New York Academy of Sciences. They explore the ISR's innovative strategies for mobilizing scientific communities across the globe to address pressing global challenges. The live conversation took place Monday, March 11, 2024.
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Key Highlights from the conversation

A few highlights of the conversation:

  • Building a diverse global community is a strength for the International Science Reserve. While having scientists from different fields and countries brings varied perspectives, they harness this diversity through tailored activities featuring region-specific crisis scenarios that appeal to different member groups.
  • The ISR sees scenario-based games and simulations around potential global crises (e.g. hurricanes, wildfires, food supply disruptions) as a powerful way to facilitate preparedness activities and collaborative learning within their community of practice.
  • Having a strong community manager has been vital to early growth and engagement. As a scientist himself passionate about the ISR's mission, he brings deep understanding of the community, facilitates activities, and embodies the principles of interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Digital badging has enabled meaningful recognition within the community, allowing members to signal their participation in global crisis preparedness scenarios—something universities/institutions don't typically credential.
  • The ISR sees opportunities to increasingly crowdsource scenario ideas from the community members themselves, in addition to tapping subject matter experts and partners. This could further mobilize the collective intelligence.

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