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National Writing Project reimagines professional learning for teachers

by Julie Keane on

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National Writing Project (NWP) and Participate work together to expand access to NWP’s evidence-based program on teaching argument writing. 

The NWP’s new Teaching Argument Writing course offerings and Community of Practice (CoP) in Participate draw upon NWP’s 46-year history of cultivating teacher learning in order to improve the teaching of writing.  Teaching Argument Writing focuses on helping students compose public, civic and respectful arguments. NWP’s community in Participate expands the organization’s virtual support of educators and creates an inquiry space where educators can create, learn, share, question and experiment virtually.

About The National Writing Project’s Teaching Argument Writing CoP

Participate and the NWP have collaborated to create NWP’s Teaching Argument Writing CoP, which hosts courses for educators based on NWP’s College, Career and Community Writer’s Program (C3WP). C3WP is a research-based program that has been proven to have a statistically significant impact on students’ argument writing in several randomized-control trials. 

Interested in learning more about NWP's work with Participate? Click here to listen to National Writing Project’s Rachel Bear talk about how they’re building this community to support amazing writing learning opportunities.


“In recent years we have seen how this approach to argument writing can transform teachers’ practice and students’ identities as writers who have something to say to the world,” said Rachel Bear Senior Program Associate at NWP. “The courses we have created and offered in Teaching Argument Writing are designed to provide opportunities for as many teachers as possible to learn about this approach and to integrate it in their classrooms. As of February 2022 NWP has designed and offered more than a dozen courses in Participate and we have many more course offerings available in the coming months. NWP’s course designers and facilitators have found the platform to be very intuitive and easy to use. And we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers who have taken our courses.”

course-creating-an-argument-text-set (1) - Rachel Bear (1)The Cop is designed to expand access to C3WP’s approach to teaching argument writing, which focuses on source-based argument writing and civic engagement.

We’re thrilled to support the NWP in building an ecosystem where new and experienced practitioners can collaborate around their research based tools that have proven to be effective,” said Don LaBonte, Learning Strategist at Participate. “It’s working with inspiring colleagues like those at the NWP, that inspire us at Participate to continue to build the place where the world learns together.”

Interested in starting a social learning project with Participate? Click here to get a demo!


About National Writing Project

The National Writing Project (NWP),  is a national organization that focuses on the knowledge, expertise and leadership of our nation’s educators on sustained efforts to improve writing and learning. To learn more about NWP, click here.

About Participate

With Participate organizations design powerful spaces for online Communities of Practice (CoPs) to emerge and deliver sustainable impact. Harness your organization's collective intelligence and discover untapped knowledge. Trusted by nonprofits, education organizations and institutions around the world, Participate's social learning platform has everything you need to empower your members and drive impact now with the support and tools to help you grow.