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AI at Work: Experience You is Democratizing our Future Workforce

T3 Innovation Mid-Year Meeting

In mid-July, the Participate team was thrilled to be an open recognition advisor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce T3 Innovation Network’s Experience You demonstration in Washington, DC.

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How a museum is shaping the future of learning and educator upskilling

The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI), a nationally recognized leader in creative approaches to STEM learning, partnered with Participate to build an online learning community for educators around The Pack--an open world video game that builds computational thinking (CT) competencies. …

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Applying Human-Centered Design for Equitable Outcomes: The Education Design Lab’s Online Community of Practice

rural area

Introduction The Education Design Lab is a national nonprofit that designs distinct higher education and workforce models and credentials in response to the changing future of work and the needs and goals of people from historically underinvested communities. We envision a new, learne …

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Why traditional community metrics are holding you back – and 3 measures of success to use instead

chart depicting personal growth amongst community members

While doing some work with the U.S. Navy, Simon Sinek, optimist and renowned author, was curious as to how certain Navy SEALS were chosen to be part of the elite SEAL Team 6 over others. The General he was speaking with explained to him that they essentially look at 2 metrics: perform …

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Enhancing knowledge sharing and collaboration in the medical field

Dr. Andrew Tagg is an emergency physician with a special interest in education and lifelong learning. He’s the co-founder and website lead for Don’t Forget The Bubbles. With over 150 authors and more than 1,000 blog posts, this community has become an amazing resource for medical prof …

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Transformative learning in reflective practice

From the moment you start a conversation with Emma Hardley, you immediately sense her enthusiasm for connecting others and creating a world in which women and their children are thriving, respected and free from violence.

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