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Webinar: Dreaming, Doing and Driving a Community of Practice

Dreaming, Doing and Driving a Community of Practice

Lifelong Learning Conversation Series " Participate CLO Julie Keane talked with Stephanie Pierotti, director of ShapingEDU at Arizona State University to learn how ShapingEDU is leveraging a digital community of practice to build teams, projects and sharable resources to advance their …

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Insights from 2023 Badge Summit

" The Participate team was honored to be part of 2023 Badge Summit @CU Boulder, where we collectively demonstrated how open recognition is so much more than microcredentials! \n

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AI at Work: Experience You is Democratizing our Future Workforce

T3 Innovation Mid-Year Meeting

In mid-July, the Participate team was thrilled to be an open recognition advisor to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce T3 Innovation Network’s Experience You demonstration in Washington, DC.

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