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Why traditional community metrics are holding you back – and 3 measures of success to use instead

chart depicting personal growth amongst community members

While doing some work with the U.S. Navy, Simon Sinek, optimist and renowned author, was curious as to how certain Navy SEALS were chosen to be part of the elite SEAL Team 6 over others. The General he was speaking with explained to him that they essentially look at 2 metrics: perform …

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Participate’s newest update: Groups!

At Participate, we believe learning is a social activity, and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the social learning opportunities within our Communities of Practice (CoP) platform. We’re thrilled to share the newest update: Groups!

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Creating long-term connections and opportunities for black and brown women founders

Throughout her career, Shelly Bell has worked as a K-12 educator, patent examiner, spoken word artist, print shop owner and computer scientist. She leverages her vast career experience to grow her non-profit, Black Girl Ventures (BGV), which transforms entrepreneurship by reimagining …

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