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We support inventive, effective and collaborative approaches for professional learning.

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About Us

At Participate, we come to work each day because we want to make professional learning the best it can be. We believe that investing in building community means investing in safer, healthier and more equitable communities and societies.

As former educators, instructional designers and education researchers, our team is familiar with the traditional ineffective learning models most learners experience and, frankly, we want better for our field. We want to live in a world in which every learner has continuous access to the innovative, collaborative and practical learning experiences and resources needed to build creative, inclusive and engaging educational environments and experiences.

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Our Story

We started Participate as an online learning platform that awarded digital badges for educator achievements. This was one step in the right direction, but there was a vital piece missing on our platform--a social aspect to encourage community-based learning. We recognized early on that bringing learners together in one space had the potential to create meaningful impact--a force multiplier for professional development.

That’s where Communities of Practice (CoPs) were born. We’re not here to tell you we created the idea of CoPs--we’ll leave that to Wenger-Trayner--but we can tell you we saw potential in CoPs to empower learners. We shifted our platform to become a network of social learning communities. These communities, each focused on a particular domain and around a shared practice, are built around personalized pathways of growth and provide meaningful, blended learning.

We’re driven to create bold solutions that drive impact because we’ve been in your shoes. Our team is made up of former teachers, administrators, organizational leaders and higher education specialists who understand the pain points in professional development and use past experiences to build a more sustainable (and fun) way to learn.

But we don’t limit ourselves to our existing knowledge. We believe learning is continuous and iterative. What keeps us motivated to learn? Put simply: you. We won’t stop until adult learners have access to innovative, collaborative and creative learning experiences and resources they need to build creative, inclusive and engaging educational environments and experiences. We’re just getting started.

Our Core Values


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Create bold and meaningful solutions.


When we create professional learning experiences, we aim to be bold. Bold in the way we design interactions, opportunities for collaboration and learning beyond a computer screen. Because when we put intention and meaning behind all of our decisions, we create experiences that redefine learning.

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Grow from successes and failures.


Let's face it, failure isn't fun. But we wouldn't be where we are today if we didn't grow from our successes and failures.  To grow, we must communicate what's working and what isn't. Our teams regularly provide feedback to one another and explore new ways to serve our partners. Our customer success team shares product feedback with our development team, who iterates features and provides an improved user experience.

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Be kind.


We aim to lift everyone in our organization to their highest potential. This means we seek out opportunities to empower our team and show each individual how much they matter. Being kind expands far beyond our employees, though. We want every partner to feel as though they're part of the Participate family. We seek out partners who embody this value and have kind and sustainable business practices so that the world we live in is a little kinder too.

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Work together for the greater good.


Our goal as an organization is to provide meaningful learning experiences. Everything we do is aligned to ensuring that learners have access to the quality learning they deserve. Working together for the greater good means going above and beyond to redefine professional learning.

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