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Where community and online learning unite.

We help organizations build powerful spaces for collaboration and knowledge creation in online Communities of Practice (CoPs) that deliver sustainable impact. Harness your organization's collective intelligence and discover untapped knowledge.


Build an online learning ecosystem that inspires your members to engage and propels your impact forward.

Designed for your needs

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Build an impactful community

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Elevate your online learning initiatives

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Tailored for your organization

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Education Institutions

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Trusted by nonprofits, education organizations and institutions around the world, Participate's collaboration platform has everything you need to empower your members and drive impact now with the support and tools to help you grow. 

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Here's the latest on how to unlock the full potential of communities.


Micro-credential blog_Digital badge

6 Reasons you need micro-credentials for workforce development

If anything has become clear in the past year, it’s that online learning and virtual upskilling are here to stay. Organizations are reconsidering traditional methods of workforce development, and one model seems to stand out against the competition: micro-credentialing.

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