• Q1: What opportunities do you give students to speak in class about what is Relevant to them Today? #MakeItReal (15 questions)

    • MathDenisNJ Jan 26 @ 2:38 AM Moderator

      A1: After first Marking period, I do weekly "My Favorite" where Ss share passions & interests with us. 5 mins to start a class! #makeitreal

    • forthekiddoes Jan 26 @ 2:38 AM

      A1 I allow a lot of talk. Sometimes just listening to their sideline chats reveals relevancy. #MakeItReal

    • HalcottMStech Jan 26 @ 2:38 AM

      A1: I give my Ss time to share their passions in their blogs. #makeitreal

    • breanneg2011 Jan 26 @ 2:39 AM

      A1:I listen/eavesdrop (oops) like a hawk. You can learn so much by listening to their conversations with their peers #makeitreal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 26 @ 2:39 AM

      A1 I'm the principal and when I get to cover a class I ask students " what can we do better" what changes should we make. #makeitreal

    • MissDenko Jan 26 @ 2:40 AM

      A1) our morning meeting shares are relevant to Ss. This month we are discussing if we could change the world, what would we do? #makeitreal

    • JaimeABart Jan 26 @ 2:40 AM

      A1 free writing for journal time, sharing when they have made a text to self connection, weekly star students Q&A sessions #MakeItReal

    • JayBilly2 Jan 26 @ 2:40 AM

      A1: I love the way @PaulSolarz gives Ss the floor with "Give me 5" #learnlap #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 26 @ 2:41 AM

      A1 change the word to TEACHERS. Love watching/hearing the teachers voice come Alive in the building! #makeitreal

    • itsmeSpiri Jan 26 @ 2:42 AM

      A1) Genius Hour, authors chair, poetry cafe, WOW project presentations, Movie reviews, restaurant reviews, lots of opport. #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 26 @ 2:44 AM

      A1 students asked why we couldn't check out books in the morning 30 days ago. I said I thought u could. We changed the message #makeitreal

    • MsShelton5th Jan 26 @ 2:46 AM

      A1: they share how our novel, poetry, literature has made them feel, not just looking for textbook answers,sharing emotions too! #makeitreal

    • ms_held_teacher Jan 26 @ 2:46 AM

      A1: Every morning we start our day discussing what books we finished the night before. I ❀️ hearing what books Ss choose to read #makeitreal

    • aimeejo80 Jan 26 @ 2:53 AM

      a1) I love chatting with them as we walk the halls or waiting at the bathroom breaks. They always want to share. #makeitreal @MathDenisNJ

    • MathDenisNJ Feb 2 @ 2:09 AM Moderator

      A1: This past winter break. I took a leave of absence from work email and changed #MAkeitreal to a slow chat. Felt great #kidsdeserveit

  • Q2: Do you have a regular schedule or time where students are free to share Relevant issues or ideas? #MakeItReal (9 questions)

    • MissDenko Jan 26 @ 2:46 AM

      A2) Ss sign up for a "share day" where they can bring in something special or just share about anything during morning meeting. #makeitreal

    • HalcottMStech Jan 26 @ 2:46 AM

      A2: When I had a traditional classroom, I held weekly concern circles, as a coach I make time to chat with Ss. crave connections #makeitreal

    • breanneg2011 Jan 26 @ 2:47 AM

      A2: No formal time allotted, but just have conversations for a few mins as a class about whatever. Relationships + relevance! #makeitreal

    • sdtitmas Jan 26 @ 2:47 AM

      A2 I have small ELA class, which naturally allows time for to us chat freely. Excited to start "Fav. Fri." in math. #makeitreal

    • JaimeABart Jan 26 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: Mon&Wed star student shares.Would like to find time for all to share. Hard when so many pulled out 4 services at diff times #MakeItReal

    • itsmeSpiri Jan 26 @ 2:48 AM

      A2) Some scheduled like WOW projects & Genius Hr others not, class seems to discuss much at morning meeting #makeitreal

    • RealMrPope Jan 26 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: I love connecting with S's on the playground or eating lunch with them and just engaging in real convo outside the classroom #makeitreal

    • forthekiddoes Jan 26 @ 2:49 AM

      A2 I still swear by my morning meetings. They just work. We all share & question each other. #makeitreal

    • MissDenko Jan 26 @ 2:53 AM

      A2) my students hang out with me during recess duty and I love the conversations that we have during that time!! #makeitreal

  • Q3: Share about a time when allowing student voice led to a REAL learning opportunity for you and your students? #MakeItReal (12 questions)

    • breanneg2011 Jan 26 @ 2:51 AM

      A3:Started equations with naked numbers no context. As soon as I heard the "When will I need this" I knew I needed to backtrack! #makeitreal

    • HalcottMStech Jan 26 @ 2:52 AM

      A3: After collaborative projects, it is nice to get S feedback on what they liked, disliked, & would tweak. Learning opp for all #makeitreal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 26 @ 2:54 AM

      A3 when students get to see the ripple effect of their idea or project it is priceless for everyone involved. #makeitreal

    • aimeejo80 Jan 26 @ 2:55 AM

      A3) I don't have a regularly scheduled time...but what a great goal for me to have. #makeitreal

    • RealMrPope Jan 26 @ 2:55 AM

      A3:GREAT S q's during solar system unit; encouraged them to learn everything they could and report back. Taught mini lesson #makeitreal

    • sdtitmas Jan 26 @ 2:55 AM

      A3 We did "miniature" passion projects in my class and Ss did a great job writing/teaching us their passions. #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Jan 26 @ 2:56 AM Moderator

      A3: Had a student ask why school recycled white paper but home doesn't. Others were interested. Guided them to investigate! #makeitreal

    • itsmeSpiri Jan 26 @ 2:56 AM

      A3) S lost father over break, wanted to discuss all he learned about illness, meds & procedures, wants class to be healthy #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 26 @ 2:58 AM

      A3 we just got a grant for@$3500 from #Polaris and I'm going to have students give me ideas of other things they want/ideas #MakeItReal

    • forthekiddoes Jan 26 @ 2:58 AM

      A3 At the moment my 7s are creating a pre-show experience for the Alliance Theatre. Their choice. It's cool! #makeitreal

    • teachtori Jan 26 @ 3:00 AM

      A3: When we are discussing math problems that allows for multiple routes to solutions and Ss debate each other on their take. #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Jan 31 @ 1:22 AM

      A3 pictures speak louder than words #makeitreal #LearnLAP