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  • Q2: Many of us have been through weather disasters, hurricanes. What are lessons you & your students took from these events? #Makeitreal (9 questions)

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 17 @ 2:46 AM Moderator

      A2: Superstorm Sandy in 2012. I and Ss all shared stories of resourcefulness during powerlessness #makeitreal

    • vbordano Nov 17 @ 2:47 AM

      A2 #MakeItReal this came up when studying colonization...weather makes it so bad people have to leave--talk of Hurrican Katrina resurfaced

    • MissDenko Nov 17 @ 2:47 AM

      A2) how we can help others. We love making a difference! ❤️ #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 17 @ 2:48 AM Moderator

      A2: Helping and Caring always matters. We didn't feel Katrina, but we sent resources to those who did and embraced Ss from La! #makeitreal

    • Ryan7Read Nov 17 @ 2:49 AM

      A2: I did a presentation a few years ago on summer thunder storms I experienced and showing how fronts form #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 17 @ 2:49 AM Moderator

      A2: A drought in the west and hurricane in East made Ss ask "how can we move the water from here to there?" Love to see answer #makeitreal

    • forthekiddoes Nov 17 @ 2:52 AM

      A2 Currently feeling effects of forest fires north of us. Code red weather = no outside play. Littles (& Ts)want to know why. #makeitreal

    • JLockettTeach Nov 17 @ 2:53 AM

      A2: service to others, putting yourself in some else's shoes. disasters occur, what can we do to help, it makes us feel good! #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 19 @ 12:45 PM Moderator

      A2: Relevance. Just like learning for Ss, Relevance is key to engaging Ts meaningfully in PD. #MakeItReal #satchat

  • Q3: What is the most Extraordinary Natural Event you’ve seen or been a part of? How did it become part of your lessons? #MakeItReal (6 questions)