Thoughtful, well-crafted simplicity.

Get to know a little about our visual personality and what makes us who we are.

Crafted with intent

Our visual brand is the expression of our character come to life. At Participate's core, we are knowledge creators dedicated to being the place where the world learns, together. Our approach is centered in building community, and we value being a place where inclusion, delight and daring to be bold are at the forefront of everything we do.


Our Logo

Participate is at the heart of where connection and knowledge creation unify. Our logo mark instills the importance of our inner-outer loop model of merging knowledge building with practice and community.

2022 Q3 Style Guide_wordmark-3
Our Logo
It is preferred that you use our logo in this layout.
2022 Q3 Style Guide_logo-wordmark-3
Our Logo
Use the version with company name when possible.
2022 Q3 Style Guide_dark1
Impressive work
Nothing else matters
2022 Q3 Style Guide_dark2
Impressive work
Nothing else matters
2022 Q3 Style Guide_yellowchange-1
Our Logo
You may change the yellow in the standard logo to one of the accent colors.
Our Logo
You may change the yellow in the standard logo to one of the accent colors in the case that it matches better with the color scheme in your design.

2022 Q3 Style Guide_dont1-1
Our Logo
Please do not try to stretch or alter the logo in any way.
2022 Q3 Style Guide_dont2-2
Our Logo
Please do not use the brand name apart from the logo icon.
2022 Q3 Style Guide_dont3-1
Our logo
Please do not use colors except primary blue and white.
Impressive work
Nothing else matters

Our Brand Colors


2022 Q3 Style Guide_navy-1
#111358 | RGB (17 19 88) | CMYK (100 99 29 34)
2022 Q3 Style Guide_yellow-1
#FAAF08 | RGB (250 175 8) | CMYK (1 35 100 0)


2022 Q3 Style Guide-13-3
#1E2F8E | RGB (30 47 142) | CMYK (100 95 9 1)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-14-2
#0E6FE6 | RGB (14 111 30) | CMYK (81 57 0 0)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-16-2
#02A020 | RGB (2 160 160) | CMYK (80 16 40 0)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-15-1
#00804F | RGB (0 128 79) | CMYK (88 26 27 12)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-20-1
#EB6A75 | RGB (235 106 117) | CMYK (3 73 42 0)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-19-1
#FDA49F | RGB (253 164 159) | CMYK (0 44 27 0)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-18-1
#E9DCCF | RGB (233 20 207) | CMYK (75 69 66 89)
Text Light
#70767A | RGB (112 118 122) | CMYK (75 68 67 90)
#221916 | RGB (0 0 1) | CMYK (75 68 67 90)


2022 Q3 Style Guide-17-1
#221916 | RGB (0 0 1) | CMYK (75 68 67 90)
2022 Q3 Style Guide-21-1
Text Light
#70767A | RGB (112 118 122) | CMYK (75 68 67 90)
#221916 | RGB (0 0 1) | CMYK (75 68 67 90)
Color contrast and accessibility →

In order to align with accessibility standards, combinations of our brand colors have been tested with an ADA compliance contrast ratio checker to determine which colors have the best outcome for easy readability. These combinations are primarily recommended for text readability at all sizes, and will be adhered to across all content creation. With graphics and illustrations, the color combinations are more flexible; however, we recommended that you check color contrast ratios for colors as you design.

The colors combinations below are compliant with accessibility standards. For example, when using a yellow background and deciding on a text color, you may pair it with our navy, blue or black. 

Visual Style Guide_NavyVisual Style Guide_Yellow

Visual Style Guide_Blush Visual Style Guide_BlueVisual Style Guide_TealVisual Style Guide_GreenVisual Style Guide_PinkVisual Style Guide_OG BlueVisual Style Guide_TanVisual Style Guide_White


Shapes and Iconography

To reflect the diversity of ways in which we learn, connect and grow, a staple of our illustration style is the layering of our classic shapes and weaving flowing lines throughout to demonstrate connection and the ebb and flow of learning. Shapes are universally understood, dynamic and accessible. Our illustrations maintain rounded corners for a more welcoming feel. Any transparency is set to 40% opacity.

Visual Style Guide_Illustration 2
2022 Q3 Style Guide_shapes-1
Zapier Pagec_Data
2022 Q3 Style Guide_typeface-1


We use inclusive, bright photography as a way to celebrate the diverse human identities represented in our user base. Feeling like you can see yourself in our ecosystem is of utmost importance to us. 

Photos may also be masked with one of our signature illustration shapes to maintain consistency throughout visual language.