Work smarter with integrations.

Participate leverages Zapier to integrate with various applications and tools. 

Zapier is a free automation software that moves information between web applications automatically, so that you can seamlessly connect.


Why Zapier?

Zapier Pagec_Setup


It's free and easy to set up.

Zapier Pagec_Streamline


Create streamlined processes with applications you already use and rely on.

Zapier Pagec_Up to date


Stay up-to-date with the happenings of your community.

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Collect data in a way that’s intuitive to your organization’s goals.


How it Works

Step 1.

Participate community admins can connect data from their community to various apps on the Zapier marketplace. As a community admin, you can trigger an action for the following events within your community:

  • A new member joins your community.
  • A user enrolls in a course.
  • A user in your community updates coursework.
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Zapier Launch Graphic_step 2-1

Step 2.

Once you determine a trigger, you can select the application and action you’d like to occur. Some Zaps could include:

  • Sending personalized emails when members join your community.
  • Setting up paid community access and membership to your CoP.
  • Adding users to a Google Sheet when they enroll in a course to track community enrollments.
  • Receiving a Slack notification when users update coursework.