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Why Participate?

Our work is rooted in the understanding that learning is a social activity. Humans learn best and are quicker to find meaning in new concepts through collaboration and interaction with peers. 

Explore how our communities support professional growth.

How one school district delivers personalized, online professional learning to 1,300 educators

Alamance-Burlington School System knew it wanted to take a blended learning approach after existing PD sessions didn't quite meet the needs of all teachers. They used Participate Communities of Practice to support and track learning during 192 concurrent professional learning sessions across the district.

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Alamance Burlington Schools logoAlamance-Burlington was able to:

  • Provide engaging, personalized professional development across 36 schools to improve teacher learning and student outcomes.
  • Find a digital solution that would ease communication and organization of PD sessions across a large district.
  • Create clear pathways for teacher leadership within the district.
  • Ensure effective classroom implementation after PD sessions were completed.

Increasing user engagement through fellowship

Through a process of inquiry and design, Empatico partnered with Participate to create an ongoing learning experience that would incorporate collaboration, communication and celebration.

This experience was called The Empathy Project Fellowship. It aimed to connect educators around the world through community-based learning and would be hosted in a Participate Community of Practice.

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The Empathy Project Fellowship:

  • Increased engaged users on Empatico's platform and assisted in brand awareness.
  • Connected a cohort of 150 inaugural fellows from 32 countries and a combined 10+ years of experience.
  • Provided a platform for product research that resulted in critical product improvements and teacher satisfaction.
  • Created personalized pathways so that fellows could take part in learning opportunities that challenged them.

Communities of Practice: How social learning is transforming professional development

Professional development must create innovative, fluid environments that provide teachers with learning opportunities to explore, investigate and connect. In this e-book you'll learn:

  • The evidence and theory behind Communities of Practice.
  • Why educators need social learning.
  • New tools, technology and what's next for CoPs.
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Community of Practice e-book

Evolution of professional learning in the 21st century

Teachers ignite students’ innate curiosities and excitement about learning. As a result, they need opportunities to learn every day, experience professional growth and have autonomy based on their expertise and experiences. This guidebook covers how professional development can be achieved through online learning, in-person collaboration or a blended learning approach.

Download this guidebook to learn more about:

  • The power of connections and social learning.
  • Building positive school culture through flexible PD.
  • Why good teacher PD leads to better student outcomes.
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Evolution of professional learning e-book

Diverse learning experiences powered by micro-credentials

As learning expands beyond the classroom, it is essential to recognize specific competencies and expertise gained from professional learning communities, online courses and other innovative, education-oriented environments.  

Download this free guidebook for:

  • A brief history of micro-credentials in education.
  • How micro-credentials are used to recognize diverse accomplishments in school district settings and beyond.
  • Emerging technologies and the future of micro-credentials and digital badges.
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Micro-credentials e-book

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