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Communities of Practice

A cost-effective way to connect educators around a common purpose or goal

We build intentional and compelling online Communities of Practice that provide educators with personalized learning experiences and that foster collaboration with others who share the same interests.

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A unique space for your network to learn and grow together

Create branded, scalable learning spaces where educators can collaborate with one another. 

Direct access to educators within a shared region, specialty or area of interest

Increase engagement through real-time community discussions, learning prompts and challenges.


Relevant, self-paced professional learning experiences designed to increase competence

Design courses specific to instructional specializations, content interests, state standards, district initiatives, organizational goals and more.

Structured peer mentorship to support professional learning

Empower community members to give and receive meaningful feedback during coursework. Learn more about our approach here.


Recognize your educators for the skills and competencies they master

Follow and celebrate the learning progress of educators in your community. Here's more about digital badges for professional development.

Shared collections of resources

Easily manage and share resources inside and outside of communities.

The community you create will be tailored to your unique goals, and we will provide step-by-step support as you build, launch and grow your Community of Practice.

Instructional design

Our team of education strategists will work directly with you to design a professional learning program that aligns with your goals.

Community support

Ongoing training and structured support will empower you to focus on educators as they connect collaborate and learn together.

Engagement and progress

Reporting and analytics allow you to follow activity within your community, the learning progress of your community members and provide insights on how to increase the impact you have.

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