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Grow your virtual events through online community.

Elevate your organization's social learning initiatives by empowering your stakeholders to collaborate in dynamic online communities.

At Participate, we build virtual Communities of Practice to support asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities that allow your community members to learn how, when and where they want.

Our philosophy around virtual events is rooted in the understanding that online learning is not a short-term fix, it’s a long-term vision of connection and collaboration.

How can I use a Participate community for my virtual event?

 Virtual conferencing 

Video conferences

Easily embed your webinar, stream or live chat links directly into resource pages. Use those same pages to upload recordings and create visual portfolios of your events. Want support in hosting these synchronous virtual events? We provide services around online streaming and Zoom webinars.

Community enrollment

Directly invite registered event members to your community through batch enrollment. Connect external registration pages with your community invites through Zapier.

 Community cohorts 

Parallel tracks

Create parallel tracks or group cohorts to send targeted announcements, facilitate group discussions and personalize their experience. Organize users within your community by job title, area of interest or level of conference attendee.

Unlimited users

Grow your community as your event grows. In all of our community plans, the number of users within your community is unlimited and designed to encourage community growth.

 Two-way communication 


Keep your members up to date with event information, community experiences and more. Announcements notify community members but also send automatic emails to users so that they never miss out on an opportunity.


Recognize the contributions of your attendees with digital credentials. Encourage them to share these credentials on social media, further expanding your community’s reach.

 Evidence of learning and connection 


Leverage custom dashboards or use API tokens to track member activity through Zapier. We'll work with you to create custom dashboards based on your community analytics needs.

Knowledge bank

Create chaptered resource pages where your members can access the information they need, when they need it.

Watch our product demo to learn more

demo video

Communities in action

Building the future we want with global health leaders

It's up to all of us to create the future we want. And that's exactly what Switchpoint, an annual event that gathers thousands of health professionals from around the world, is aiming to do.

In lieu of an in-person gathering, Switchpoint is hosting a series of highly creative and interactive virtual gatherings, designed to engage an influential global network and featuring many of the speakers and performers who were lined up to participate this year. These virtual gatherings will include keynotes, youth voices, advocate stories, musical performances and interactive activities.

Switchpoint is using a Participate Community of Practice (CoP) as the ongoing space for collaboration, conversation and "switchpoints," synchronous learning opportunities for deeper connections, for its virtual gatherings. Resources, talks and all conference content will be available for attendees after the events and sustain learning for attendees long beyond the gatherings themselves.

computer on a table showing  a conference call with a coffee mug beside it

Community growth from a member-led virtual summit

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, educators were challenged to find new ways to engage their students, provide quality remote instruction and support the social and emotional well-being of their students — a daunting task to say the least. To help educators around the world, Participate Learning, a global education organization that supports thousands of cultural exchange teachers and global education school programs, created the online community, United We Teach.

The community grew quickly, but Participate Learning wanted to grow its impact and reach even more, so the organization hosted the United We Teach Virtual Summit, a week-long virtual conference led by teachers, for teachers.

The virtual summit had 900 registered attendees and grew the community by 375 members. The summit demonstrated how organizations can connect online community structures with virtual learning events using discussion threads, resource pages and member knowledge, providing a connected learning ecosystem as members develop new skills and competencies together.

Read the full story here. ➡️

We made sure that from the beginning, teachers knew [our community] was not a one-time event. Instead, it is a strong, global Community of Practice where teachers can access resources and participate in teacher-led conversations that would support them during a school year like no other.

Anamaria Knight
Manager of Online Learning, Participate Learning

Virtual learning resources

Virtual learning toolkit image

[Free download] Virtual learning toolkit

To ensure virtual learning experiences still have the same (if not more) of an impact as in-person events, we’ve created this toolkit on designing virtual experiences that reimagine learning and its impact.

Download here →
Combining the power of virtual events and community

[Infographic] Combining the power of virtual events and community

Explore how Participate Learning hosted its virtual summit online to scale their reach, support sustained learning opportunities and provide a space for connection and networking.

Download here →

Building community in a time of coronavirus

[Blog] Beyond the panic: Building community in a time of coronavirus

How has the pandemic changed the ways in which we learn and connect? Our Chief Learning Offer and Director Engagement partnered on this blog to explore how we can still build strong communities.

Learn more →

FAQs about virtual events

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