• Q1: Batter Up! #MakeItReal (6 questions)

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 3 @ 1:38 AM Moderator

      A1: Did a short study with Ss on which city had the "better fans" based on how they acted #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 3 @ 1:39 AM Moderator

      A1: would be interesting survey for Ss to pick a winner in diff matchups. Based on fandom like @WPMadden #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Nov 3 @ 1:43 AM Moderator

      A1: I love writing prompts. It seems that a student's fandom can be an excellent prompt #MakeItReal

    • theMrOlson Nov 3 @ 1:44 AM

      A1 - I like using "fandom" to illustrate "bias." I did it today when teaching about different points of view on Columbus. #MakeItReal

    • WPMadden Nov 3 @ 1:45 AM

      A1: examine stats by teams after team to find patterns or outliers etc #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Nov 3 @ 1:45 AM

      A1) my late superintendent's motto was "be a fan". Always be your students' biggest fan - inside and outside of school. #makeitreal

  • Question 2 Coming in for Relief in 1 Minute! #MakeItReal (4 questions)

    • vbordano Nov 3 @ 1:47 AM

      A2 #MakeItReal if we shift focus to growth mindset helps ease the "sting" of losing and really impacts academic lives

    • MissDenko Nov 3 @ 1:49 AM

      A2) There is so much academic competition that can ruin self-esteem. Must learn to be proud & not compare yourself to others #makeitreal

    • WPMadden Nov 3 @ 1:50 AM

      A2: preparation, effort pays off even when you win & "lose" b/c u r able to take away something from both by reflecting #MakeItReal

    • theMrOlson Nov 3 @ 1:50 AM

      A2 - Win or lose, athletes (and Ss) need to focus on growth. This works for MLB and 5th grade math tests. #MakeItReal

  • Q3: Peanuts and Cracker Jack #MakeItReal (8 questions)

    • RadfordAmy Nov 3 @ 1:53 AM

      A3. TBH , I haven't tried much. I'm always looking for new ways to connect. Maybe on a personal level? #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Nov 3 @ 1:53 AM

      A3- my students love teaching me about sports. We have a role reversal - they get to be the teacher and I'm the student! #makeitreal

    • Ms_Carlsen Nov 3 @ 1:54 AM

      A3: As a math teacher, we use tons of probability...but also in Geometry, we can design plays for different sports #makeitreal

    • WPMadden Nov 3 @ 1:55 AM

      A3: excitement & discussion it naturally brings to class. Especially w/ home town teams. Let class discussions lead to tie ins #makeitreal

    • Ms_Carlsen Nov 3 @ 1:56 AM

      A3: Sports are a great way to build rapport with Ss, too. My NYC boys love teasing me about the @SFGiants! #makeitreal

    • cturnbull15 Nov 3 @ 1:57 AM

      A3: it is, at the base level, a great way to connect with kids and get them talking. Came across this today. #makeitreal @KMreaders

    • theMrOlson Nov 3 @ 1:58 AM

      A3 - Ss pick an NCAA basketball team from the 64. They research the college and present findings to class. #makeitreal #nevertooearly

    • cturnbull15 Nov 3 @ 2:00 AM

      A3: Geography can be a great tie in as well to any sporting event. Awareness of where teams are from, how far apart, etc. #makeitreal