• Q1: What is your favorite way to celebrate a studentโ€™s birthday in your classroom? #MakeItReal (13 questions)

    • sdtitmas Mar 9 @ 2:38 AM

      A1 We did a birthday song @GoNoodle for a Ss today. Make a big deal & make Ss feel special, bc they are! #MakeItReal

    • LauraGarlow Mar 9 @ 2:38 AM

      A1 we have a bday monkey S get to sit on their desk all day. I love the idea!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿต #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Mar 9 @ 2:38 AM Moderator

      A1: use their age make a list of that many things. Half= what you like about them other half what you want to learn about them #MakeItReal

    • themaurywood Mar 9 @ 2:39 AM

      A1: They get their choice of prize. They also just want me to acknowledge it LOL. I kid you not. One T used to sing horribly.. #makeitreal

    • Vaughn_trapped Mar 9 @ 2:40 AM

      A1 Birthday board is up this year & I'm late for March. Wish to honor kids with a crown or special seat in the future. #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Mar 9 @ 2:41 AM

      A1) I greet my Ss at the door every morning but on their birthdays, they don't get a regular greeting, I always sing happy bday๐Ÿ˜Š #makeitreal

    • themaurywood Mar 9 @ 2:41 AM

      A1: They get to sit at my desk for the day. #makeitreal

    • ChouinardJahant Mar 9 @ 2:41 AM

      A1 #MakeItReal A birthday a week minimum in my class so I focus on being silly & celebrating with laughter- not candy or cake

    • JLockettTeach Mar 9 @ 2:41 AM

      A1: Ss love being the PE teacher on their birthday; select warm up & activity. Ss love leading exercises #MakeItReal Jesse from PA, Jersey T

    • MarliseAlbert Mar 9 @ 2:41 AM

      A1: Excited to hear your ideas. Our Ss dress out of uniform and then their family is invited to bring and eat lunch with them. #MakeitReal

    • EricEwald_Iowa Mar 9 @ 2:42 AM

      A1: Birthday Selfies #MakeItReal

    • MrsKrumwiede Mar 9 @ 2:43 AM

      A1 Ss get to choose from a birthday menu of activities, ie 15 min indoor free time, extra recess, lunch with teacher, danceparty #makeitreal

    • MarliseAlbert Mar 9 @ 2:44 AM

      A1: Been thinking about sneaking N2 classrooms & writing an inspiring note on Ss desks. Maybe birthdays would be perfect timing. #MakeitReal

  • Q2: What Other Birthdays do you celebrate in your classroom? How? #MakeItReal p.s. Mine's June 22 :) (9 questions)

    • themaurywood Mar 9 @ 2:45 AM

      A2: Mine. My mom makes cupcakes and my kids get to meet her and talk to her about me. They love it. #whatwasmrwoodlike #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Mar 9 @ 2:46 AM Moderator

      A2: We celebrate Presidents' , scientists, mathematicians, even numbers, buildings and diff foods B Days! #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Mar 9 @ 2:47 AM

      A2) my bday is August 19th so I never got to celebrate in class!! But I'd like to celebrate our adopted elephants bday this year #makeitreal

    • MarliseAlbert Mar 9 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: We do historical figures bdays and Dr. Seuss. We celebrate our mascot's bday too. Thinking - why not the school's bday? #MakeitReal

    • themaurywood Mar 9 @ 2:48 AM

      A2 Our principal will announce faculty bdays. Ss love telling them Happy Birthday! #makeitreal

    • LauraGarlow Mar 9 @ 2:49 AM

      A2 staff, paras, Ts, and the secretary announces bdays each morning with the school announcements #MakeItReal

    • sdtitmas Mar 9 @ 2:50 AM

      A2 This year I found Wash & Linc bdays more valuable. Taught revolutionary war for Wash and civil war for Linc #makeitreal

    • MarliseAlbert Mar 9 @ 2:50 AM

      A2: We have a special birthday wreath that goes on a Ts door when it is his/her birthday. Just so everyone knows ;) #MakeitReal

    • vbordano Mar 9 @ 2:51 AM

      A2 how about your superintendent ๐Ÿ˜Š#MakeItReal

  • Q3: Share about a time when a Birthday Celebration led to a REAL learning opportunity for you and your students? #MakeItReal (10 questions)

    • themaurywood Mar 9 @ 2:52 AM

      A3 one Grandparents day mine came. happened to be birthday. Ss asked lots of history questions. The quiet was awesome #makeitreal

    • LauraGarlow Mar 9 @ 2:53 AM

      A3 how to react/respond when a parent doesn't buy bday treats for class. Crash course in diversity! #MakeItReal

    • MathDenisNJ Mar 9 @ 2:53 AM Moderator

      A3: Stu told us it was his great grandmother's BDay, and she was a holocaust survivor. He brought in letters to read. So great! #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Mar 9 @ 2:54 AM

      A3) (2/2) I learned how valuable TS are in our lives & I will never forget her kindness. I want to have that impact on a child #makeitreal

    • MissDenko Mar 9 @ 2:54 AM

      A3) when I was in 1st grade, I dropped ALL of my cupcakes for the class and ruined them. Luckily @pamhernandez_4 saved me! (1/2) #makeitreal

    • sdtitmas Mar 9 @ 2:54 AM

      A3 Okay stretching it, not a bday, but w/ the inauguration we researched and recorded ages @ innauguration (bdays?) #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Mar 9 @ 2:54 AM Moderator

      A3:First time i heard of a gluten allergy was on a birthday. We all looked into it together. S with allergy felt very supported #MakeItReal

    • ChouinardJahant Mar 9 @ 2:55 AM

      A3 #MakeItReal Once we used wrapping paper from birthday gifts to measure strength & durability- which were easier to tear open- exp design

    • JLockettTeach Mar 9 @ 3:01 AM

      A3: cake lead to health talk-portion control, moderation. Love hear Ss talk about burning off the treats calories. #MakeItReal

    • SteinbrinkLaura Mar 10 @ 3:27 AM

      A3: S centered, high energy, creativity, problem-solving, #MakeItReal #tlap #DitchBook is how I like it.