• Q1: How do you Re-discover what’s relevant to your students now that we’re midway through the school year? #MakeItReal (33 questions)

  • Q2: What’s a NEW passion, hobby or interest you’ve found that you can use to create relevance to your content for your students? #MakeItReal (30 questions)

    • MrWawczak Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2: Honestly, for me, it's reading. Granted mostly pedagogical books. But I'm reading w/ them and they're reading w/ me #MakeItReal

    • PegGrafwallner Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2 My own published writing. It helps to show Ss that my words don't always come easily;that writing is work. Makes us all human #MakeItReal

    • jaballin14 Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2: my new interest is is gamifying my intervention classes to engage the unengageable #MakeItReal

    • themaurywood Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2. I keep up with new apps, video games, songs, memes. They love it when I talk about things they know. #cashmeousside #makeitreal

    • MrWawczak Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2: My Ss tell me they love reading but takes time to find books they like. Same for me. Better late than never #MakeItReal

    • LIS_Poncsak Feb 23 @ 2:45 AM

      A2: I've just discovered digital breakouts and building my PLN through twitter. I'm a bit obsessed... #MakeItReal

    • jharmon1972 Feb 23 @ 2:46 AM

      A2: We did @breakoutEDU for our staff and are planning a grade wide challenge for Ss during state testing week. #makeitreal

    • The1sWhoDo Feb 23 @ 2:46 AM

      A2: A few years back I got hooked on the Rubics Cube. "How'd you get so fast?" They asked. "Practice, just like reading!" #MakeItReal

    • sdtitmas Feb 23 @ 2:47 AM

      A2 Blogging. I would love to start student blogs, but feeling it make be too late in the year. #MakeItReal

    • JaimeABart Feb 23 @ 2:47 AM

      A2 Making YouTube videos.I'm late to the game but just did 1st &the kids ❤ it. Next step,recording Weather forecasts in science! #MakeItReal

    • Keercraig Feb 23 @ 2:47 AM

      A2: we added drones to our stem and coding programming due to student suggestions. Great connections with kids #makeitreal

    • WPMadden Feb 23 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: New passion for me that I can use, lype synch battles. Had variety show last week & S had asked me to do one w/ her. #makeitreal

    • Rebecca_Reaugh Feb 23 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: It sounds crazy but I relate characters in our stories to 1s they see on their fave Netflix shows! It helps w/ perspective! #MakeItReal

    • K8Dunlap Feb 23 @ 2:48 AM

      A2 I ♥️ puzzles, so I incorporate them into lessons that lead Ss on scavenger hunts for information. #MakeItReal

    • MrWawczak Feb 23 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: I put some Bitmojis in my Science presentations/slides. I'll admit, the final one was my Bitmoji dabbing. I gave in! #MakeItReal

    • murch_moments Feb 23 @ 2:48 AM

      A2: Using Twitter to build my PLN, not just for personal reasons. Love sharing my own learning with my Ss! #MakeItReal @webbcubs

    • JayBilly2 Feb 23 @ 2:49 AM

      A2:Don't have any new passions. I like to share music &dancing. The Ss love to see me do magic or they get a kick out of dabbing #MakeItReal

    • RIsaacRivas Feb 23 @ 2:49 AM

      A2: Blogging! I let Ss read my latest. The feedback was thoughtful yet hysterical! #MakeItReal

    • TheCourtneyP Feb 23 @ 2:50 AM

      A2 ....sad 2 say....twitter! For years I thought it was like Facebook. It has been a complete game changer for me! #MakeItReal

    • WPMadden Feb 23 @ 2:50 AM

      A2: typo's...lip sync battles #makeitreal

    • ChouinardJahant Feb 23 @ 2:50 AM

      A2 #MakeItReal SciFI -Dr Who TARDIS is everywhere in my lessons- Kids now Whovians too! It's bigger in the inside- scale, being open minded

    • Moldingminds Feb 23 @ 2:50 AM

      A2-QR codes and twitter #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Feb 23 @ 2:50 AM

      A2 I might create JIB JAB for classes to introduce new ideas around the school. #MakeItReal

    • bmilla84 Feb 23 @ 2:51 AM

      A2: Music!!! Try to incorporate it daily in the classroom! #MakeItReal

    • ChouinardJahant Feb 23 @ 2:51 AM

      A2 #MakeItReal I love gifs & memes we use a lot in our class blogs

    • RIsaacRivas Feb 23 @ 2:52 AM

      A2: Music! "You like this kind of music?" Me: "Of course! I'm cool!" As I dance in place. #MakeItReal

    • SlaterPBISMN Feb 23 @ 2:52 AM

      A2 I'm going to get students into the MakerSpace room and let them have a voice in our school. #MakeItReal

    • amiereid Feb 23 @ 2:53 AM

      A2: My latest inspiration is how to help Ss tune in through DOODLING. Better note taking/engagement and less distraction. #MakeItReal

    • prestonhickert Feb 23 @ 2:56 AM

      A2: lately every time I’ve opened @Twitter, I learn something NEW or discover a fascinating idea. #MakeItReal

    • TheCourtneyP Feb 23 @ 2:56 AM

      A2 for Ss...viewedit chromebook app! It records audio & screen in a video & Ss can email it to you. Young Ss don't have 2 write #MakeItReal

  • Q3: How can you help students Increase Their Awareness of relevant learning opportunities in their everyday lives? #MakeItReal (21 questions)

    • themaurywood Feb 23 @ 2:52 AM

      A3. I teach ELA. Give bonus points to Ss that find typos on signs. Give more if they get it corrected. #makeitreal

    • The1sWhoDo Feb 23 @ 2:52 AM

      A3: Model and show them examples. Be the learning leader, learn together and they'll learn on their own. #MakeItReal

    • vbordano Feb 23 @ 2:52 AM

      A3 have to teach them the "big ideas" not just the skills-get them to tell the teacher the connections and the relevancy #MakeItReal

    • JayBilly2 Feb 23 @ 2:53 AM

      A3: That's why I love the #NGSS - the looking at phenomena is so relevant and draws Ss into the learning #MakeItReal

    • KamRenae Feb 23 @ 2:53 AM

      A3 #MakeItReal I think open communication about the real world connections are vital as most kiddos don't see the relevance unless you do so MathDenisNJ Q3: How can you help students Increase Their Awareness of relevant learning opportunities in their everyday lives? #MakeItReal

    • Rebecca_Reaugh Feb 23 @ 2:54 AM

      A3: Don't JUST teach the curriculum. Teach them to be strong leaders, good friends, responsible citizens, kind people. #MakeItReal

    • Keercraig Feb 23 @ 2:54 AM

      A3: Utilize choice as often as possible in presentations, aseesments, etc. love #PBL learning & #geniushour #MakeItReal

    • JaimeABart Feb 23 @ 2:54 AM

      A3 trying to create mindful c'room. Helping Ss become more mindful in general increases awareness of learning opportunities #MakeItReal

    • MsVenturino Feb 23 @ 2:54 AM

      A3: It’s all about modeling this learning. Getting excited about new wisdom nuggets! #MakeItReal

    • MrWawczak Feb 23 @ 2:55 AM

      A3: Model that learning isn't limited to just Math and Reading #MakeItReal

    • Rebecca_Reaugh Feb 23 @ 2:55 AM

      A3: My job isn't done if my students are still being mean to each other in the hallway. Teaching them to be open minded is key. #MakeItReal

    • ChouinardJahant Feb 23 @ 2:55 AM

      A3 #MakeItReal Talk to them about their interests & how to pursue them- I stated a Rubiks Cube club so Ss can go to competition in March

    • EHSMrsJ Feb 23 @ 2:55 AM

      A3: ⬇️ homework gives Ss & Ps more time to take advantage of relevant learning experiences (& thus ⬆️ background knowledge.) #makeitreal

    • sdtitmas Feb 23 @ 2:56 AM

      A3 Model more. We've talked about thinking mathally (it's a word) outside class, but not hearing it enough from Ss #makeitreal

    • RIsaacRivas Feb 23 @ 2:56 AM

      A3: STEM activities have been a game changer in changing that narrative of only learning taking place in class. #MakeItReal

    • themaurywood Feb 23 @ 2:56 AM

      A3: I have jobs in my room and they have interviews. We talk about importance of impressions and frankly common sense. #makeitreal

    • WPMadden Feb 23 @ 2:57 AM

      A3: DITCH that textbook & get creative w/ ur assignments. Google Clssrm allows Ts 2 model learning anywhere by posting relevance #makeitreal

    • bmilla84 Feb 23 @ 2:57 AM

      A3: Make real world connections! Provide opportunities for Ss to take control of their learning! Go beyond the norm! #MakeItReal

    • JayBilly2 Feb 23 @ 2:58 AM

      A3: By thinking about using the environment around us, the Ss start paying more attention too #MakeItREal

    • amiereid Feb 23 @ 2:59 AM

      A3: Model for Ss the power of WHY! Our world offers us daily so many things to question - nature, society, language. #MakeItReal

    • RIsaacRivas Feb 23 @ 2:59 AM

      A3: Acknowledge and celebrate diversity of every kind. Different isn't scary even if others try to convince you it is. #MakeItReal