• Q1: What do you do when you’re presented with a question you don’t have the answer to during class? https://t.co/FOrHaHIyfv (14 questions)

    • MissDenko Sep 15 @ 1:38 AM

      A1: either: "I'm not sure. Let's find out!" Or "I'm not sure. Why don't you do some research and teach me!" #makeitreal

    • LISDTechie Sep 15 @ 1:38 AM

      A1: Tell the students that is a great question and empower them to find the answer and share with you and the class #makeitreal

    • itsmeSpiri Sep 15 @ 1:39 AM

      A1) Tell Ss "I don't know, but let's find out together" #MakeItReal https://t.co/9s7rmtmhOS #MakeitReal

    • itsmeSpiri Sep 15 @ 1:39 AM

      A1) Tell Ss "I don't know, but let's find out together" #MakeItReal https://t.co/9s7rmtmhOS #MakeitReal

    • Mrs_T_Campos Sep 15 @ 1:39 AM

      A1: Fess up you're not sure of the answer. Solicit possible answers from students. Go online as a group and compare answers. #MakeItReal

    • MrRussoRH Sep 15 @ 1:39 AM

      A1: parking lot that Ss created/maintained was my mainstay. Would have Ss take some of the ?s and find answers...before Google😂#MakeItReal

    • forthekiddoes Sep 15 @ 1:40 AM

      A1 I have a Google tree. My Littles write the question down on a leaf and anyone can research it. If time? We do it right then! #makeitreal

    • MissDenko Sep 15 @ 1:40 AM

      A1: if I don't know the answer to a question, it's the perfect opportunity to show that I'm a learner as well! #makeitreal

    • EHSMrsJ Sep 15 @ 1:41 AM

      A1: Encourage Ss to figure it out & teach the rest of us. "Whenever you make, share! Whenever you learn, teach!" #Makeitreal

    • AdamBrownEDU Sep 15 @ 1:42 AM

      A1. Admit that you don't know it. Challenge the class with finding the best answer possible. Talk about strategies to find it. #makeitreal

    • bReadus91 Sep 15 @ 1:43 AM

      A1: use it as an opportunity to model lifelong learner habitudes #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Sep 15 @ 1:43 AM Moderator

      A1 For me, I realized there were so many Qs I didn't know that I made an activity out of randomly choosing them. Ss love it #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Sep 15 @ 1:43 AM Moderator

      A1: here's the random chooser google sheets file! https://t.co/QTeGdr5abQ #makeitreal

    • MathDenisNJ Sep 15 @ 1:49 AM Moderator

      A1: we had many parents asking about speaking to Ss. We developed a Speakers Bureau for them to sign up& We pick them to come in #makeitreal

  • Q2: Has a question from a parent ever become an extension to one of your lessons? https://t.co/WXjX3rI48t (6 questions)

    • itsmeSpiri Sep 15 @ 1:45 AM

      A2) Yes, more S issue, severe diabetic in room, so many Qs, all learned about it through out year and then some #MakeitReal

    • LISDTechie Sep 15 @ 1:47 AM

      A2: Yes, as a former math teacher I would get Qs all the time. It was a way for me to talk about different strategies #makeitreal

    • forthekiddoes Sep 15 @ 1:49 AM

      A2 My parents always ask if they can be in my class. Has nudged me to do a parent showcase where the Littles teach the lessons. #makeitreal

    • Mrs_T_Campos Sep 15 @ 1:50 AM

      A2: When I was a new teacher, questions from parents could sometimes make me reevaluate my teaching methods and policies. #MakeItReal

    • MissDenko Sep 15 @ 1:50 AM

      A2: love when parents ask "Can I come & share __?". Fun for them to be a T, brings home to school, always an interesting lesson #makeitreal

    • bReadus91 Sep 15 @ 1:51 AM

      A2: "What happens if my child doesn't get it".... inspired a lesson about the self reflections and structures for reteaching #makeitreal

  • Q3: How do you give students a chance to live in the worlds their questions create? https://t.co/fbLJz3YIc7 (12 questions)