Become a Stronger Educator

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Join a community of educators strengthening their skills together.

Participate’s innovative professional development platform allows you to engage with colleagues, collect resources, track and share your progress, and take control of your future in education.

Curious how the Participate platform can work for your school or district?

As an administrator, you can create a community for your educators who share learning values and reach goals together through a variety of courses, resources and conversations.

Increase collaboration and connection among your team, access all of Participate’s key resources in one place and work with your teachers anytime and anywhere.

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Take control of your professional development.

Create a personalized learning path that emphasizes strategies centered around your students.

Create and explore curated resources with a community of like-minded educators.

Join educators who are working alongside one another to build new collections of resources for every topic and grade level.

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Discover new ways to shape the way you teach and engage with colleagues around the world.

From the arts to edtech and elementary to secondary, explore a variety of educational Twitter chats.

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Give and receive feedback and mentorship from your peers.

Further develop your expertise, classroom practices and impact on student learning.


Together, the Participate community is building an expansive library of courses designed for exploring topics like edtech, teaching diverse learners, and so much more!

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