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Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Introducing Participate Discussions!

We’re excited to announce a new feature on our platform: Participate discussions. In discussions, any member of a portal can create, monitor and contribute to an ongoing conversation surrounding a certain theme, question or topic.

This makes it the perfect tool for brainstorming, asking questions, sharing resources and announcing events within a portal community. Members can share resources like text, images, video and audio by uploading attachments of any file type. In addition, our new search feature makes it incredibly easy to sift through past discussions by topic, or sort by author, tag or date.

Discussions are also ideal for internal interactions. Really love something a colleague has said? Like their comment. Have a follow-up remark or question? Reply directly to the comment itself. Or, just follow along to stay updated and in the know.

While discussions are portal-specific, making it necessary to be a community member to access and participate in them, they ensure that collaboration and communication opportunities are endless. A summary of all community members can be found in the portal directory, accessed by clicking "Connect," located directly beside the discussions link. We hope you enjoy informing, sharing, inquiring and contributing as much as we do! Now, let’s get discussing!

To give discussions a try, check out the free portals below:

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