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Where online learning transforms into knowledge creation.

Elevate your organization's learning initiatives by empowering your stakeholders to collaborate in dynamic online communities.


Not your average LMS

Leading effective learning initiatives for an organization can be tough. But inspiring others to lead can be even more challenging. Our online learning platform can help empower your learners to collaborate as thought-leaders, together, through:

  • Member-driven e-learning courses.
  • Facilitated discussion threads.
  • Collaborative resource collections.
Screenshot inside a Sustainable Mentorship course that member Italo Medo is taking. In the course, he submits a reflection on his leadership style to his mentor, Mary Austen, and there is a chat bubble showing her feedback. On the left, there is a resource showing the top 8 leadership styles and a discussion in the community about leadership.

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Social learning made easy

Our social learning framework makes way for an inclusive, highly-connected space for your organization's learners to work toward building a dynamic knowledge base, together. Harness collective intelligence and discover untapped knowledge. It's simple:

  1. Learners receive new information.
  2. That information is used to generate collections of innovative ideas.
  3. Those ideas are then gathered to discover and share new knowledge.

Information in. New knowledge out.


A visual showing a discussion between members Ebony Watkins and Cindy Chen about playing the piano. Ebony is learning to play and Cindy shared a video of hers with beginner tips.

At the heart of every learning experience is community.

From building powerful engagement among your learners to growing your impact through social learning, this is where changemakers shape the future.

Support you need now. Sustainability as you grow.

Reimagining traditional learning management processes can be complex. That's why our expert team of instructional designers, community facilitators and business development specialists are with you every step of the way.

More than a platform it's a partnership.


A photo of the dedicated community manager and community facilitator together. At the bottom of the graphic there is a bar chart showing increasing member growth in the community. On the left of the graphic are screenshots of resources: strategic community plan, engagement toolkit and tips for sparking connection through discussions.

Now is the time to take your learning initiatives to new heights with our technology, framework and 
thought partnership.

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