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Join thousands of users in collaborative, networked communities based on your interests.

Participate online learning communities combine your favorite parts of social media and online learning to impact your practice and provide a space to connect with like-minded professional learners.

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Why professional learners use Communities of Practice:

Online training and recognition

Meaningful collaboration between educators

Communication and networking

Resources and knowledge-sharing

Take self-paced courses and earn peer-reviewed micro-credentials for your work

Course cards on the Participate platform
Online courses

Engage in virtual training and blended learning experiences through self-paced, cloud-based courses. Our e-learning structure, familiar to a learning management system (LMS), allows you to easily search for courses based on your interests or simply enroll in online learning experiences within the communities you’re a member of. Traditional LMS benefits are accompanied by features unique to Participate; for instance, each course is accompanied with a peer-reviewed micro-credential saved to your profile and easily shared via a micro-credential link. Read more about micro-credentials.

Deepen your connection with peers

Discussion threads on the Participate platform
Discussion threads

Long gone are the days of feeling isolated in your job. We’ve designed our discussion forums to be spaces of interaction, further learning and connection. Users within communities can start discussions based on topics you’re looking to learn from one another or that you’re simply interested in, easily connecting professional learners on a given topic. Embed media, tag peers and subscribe to discussions for email updates so that you never miss a beat. Take a look at a discussion thread here to see what's possible.

Peer mentorship

Our communities use a peer-reviewed micro-credential structure to reward achievements made and learning competencies achieved. Users engage with a community peer teacher mentor to learn and grow together throughout an online course. Learn more about this process here.

Access updates where you want, when you want

Screenshots of direct messages and an announcement post.
Direct messaging

Have a quick question? Directly message community administrators or peers within a community. Our direct messaging feature allows you to search and connect with users in effective, real-time communication. Find users with similar interests to you and network around your professional learning goals.

Community announcements

Access community announcements on the home feed of your community or in your email inbox. Once you join a community, you have the choice to opt in or out of community-specific communications. Use announcements to never miss what’s happening within the community and how you can get involved.

A one-stop shop for your resource needs

Examples of page, website, and video resource cards on the Participate platform.
Resource collections

Teacher looking for a unit plan? Organizational leader seeking information on community engagement? Caregiver looking to entertain children at home? Similar to any online cloud folder, resource collections house all of the links and descriptions you need in one, privacy-safe space.

Communities you may be interested in

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Teach the Global Goals

Connect with educators, organizational leaders and activists passionate about making an impact with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Person playing a video game

Game-based Learning

Join educators and experts from around the world in Twitch streams, discussions and the sharing of ideas around gaming and learning.

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Mother reading to children

Learning at Home

Collaborate with parents and caregivers supporting learning at home through daily activities and live events to keep kids and teens engaged in learning.

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Person on left sitting on chair, person in middle typing on computer, person on right writing in journal

Project-based Learning

Participate in facilitated learning experiences with free videos, articles, online courses and discussions built for direct application to classrooms and schools.

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FAQs for Professional Learners

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