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Connect initiatives and scale your organization through online learning communities.

Participate’s online learning communities have the tools to expand your organization’s user base, gather product feedback, pioneer learning initiatives and deepen connections online.

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How organizations use Communities of Practice

 A customizable space for collaboration and growth. 

Social learning platform

Participate communities combine the power of social networking groups with Learning Management Systems (LMS) in one collaboration space. Bring together your organization’s customer advocacy efforts and educational initiatives in a customizable, collaborative community. Our social learning platform is designed to support vibrant, multidimensional online communities that can be customized to grow your business and support your members.

Online courses

Create virtual training and blended learning experiences through self-paced online courses. Our e-learning structure allows you to create courses from scratch or using existing content. Easily embed media, connect with community members in learning checkpoints and monetize courses with our built-in e-commerce functionality. Each course is accompanied with a peer-reviewed micro-credential saved to a community member’s profile and easily shared via a micro-credential link. Read more about micro-credentials.

Organizations use virtual courses for  organizational upskillingprogram management, workforce development, academic initiatives or educating constituents on how to best use your organization’s product or service.


As your organization grows, create groups, or cohorts, to target communications based on specific interests, projects, levels of ambassadors and more. Groups can be used for tailored announcements and private discussions within your community.

 Share updates with whom you want, when you want. 

Community announcements

Long gone are the tedious days of creating segmented email lists. Send announcements to your organization’s community or groups of users within your community on upcoming events, experiences and ways to get involved in your organization. Announcements appear on the community home feed and automatically send emails to community members.

Direct messaging

Have a quick question? Directly message members of your community or engage with other users on the Participate platform. Our direct messaging feature allows you to search and connect with users in effective, real-time communication. Use direct messages to welcome members to your community and start building connections that lead to advocates and engaged members from day one.

 A look into how users interact with your product or offering. 

Discussion threads

As organizations are adapting to online programming and training, most are merely migrating content to an online setting, somewhat forcing collaboration into a box. To combat this, we’ve designed our discussion threads to be collaborative and easily embedded into learning experiences within your community. Starting a discussion thread takes seconds and can be tied to receiving feedback on a product or initiative, getting to know community members, training courses and topics of interest. Embed media, tag users and subscribe to discussions for email updates so that you never miss a beat.

Formative feedback

For one-on-one feedback and company advocate training, educational organizations leverage the formative feedback feature to learn alongside community members and interact at designated check-points in their community journeys. More than simply a space to request corrections, formative feedback allows community facilitators to engage in deeper dialogue to facilitate learning and push a community member’s understanding and lead to greater impact for your organization.

 Organization, simplified. 

Resource collections

Organize your organization’s educational resources, documents and media in online resource collections. Similar to any online cloud folder, resource collections house all of the links and descriptions you need in one, privacy-safe space. Our resources tab also offers the opportunity to create customized webpages within your community. Collections can be hidden, public or private so that only members of the community or users of your choice can access them. Rather than merely migrating content, re-imagine the ways in which your members access resources from your organization. We offer strategic support around community design so that your organization can thrive.

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Organizations in Action

A group of people at a table engaging in teamwork.

Participate learning logo-1-1

Participate Learning

For more than 30 years, Participate Learning has supported global education programs in schools across the country. To scale reach to their professional learning offerings and to connect their global educators in a collaborative environment, Participate Learning has several online learning communities. Participate Learning's community United We Teach is especially timely, as it provides resources, courses and discussions around remote teaching and learning due to coronavirus school closures. Because of their online communities with Participate, Participate Learning is able to provide collaborative community learning experiences for 1,000+ educators around the world.

Two people looking at a robotic structure.

Logics Academy Logo

Logics Academy

Logics Academy, a Canadian leader in STEM education, uses a Participate community to grow their educator base and train company ambassadors. Because many of the products Logics Academy provides are student-facing, Logics Academy was looking for an educator-facing engagement tool. The Logics Academy community is used to provide networking opportunities for teachers and administrators on STEM education, robotics and how to best implement Logics Academy student tools.

Resources for organizations

Explore how you can build community and strengthen your impact.

Game board with game pieces and playing cards.

[Free download] Your guide to building collaborative, online communities

Sign up for a three-part guide on community facilitation, engagement and growth.

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Global Goals Icons

[Blog] Building a better world through community

Learn how communities contribute to the collective change in solving the world’s greatest challenges.

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[Free download] Virtual learning toolkit

Resources, learning principles and templates for transforming your in-person events into online experiences.

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