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Grow your nonprofit’s mission and reach through online communities.

Participate online learning communities are all-in-one collaboration spaces to engage constituents, grow your nonprofit’s mission and train members online.

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How nonprofits use
Communities of Practice:

Embedded collaboration

Open communication

Online training

Knowledge base

Build authentic connection with community members

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Discussion threads

Unlike boring discussion forums, we’ve designed our discussion threads to be collaborative and easily embedded into learning experiences within your community. Starting a discussion thread takes seconds and can be tied to organization-wide projects, training courses, topics of interest or simply getting to know one another in the community. Embed media, tag users and subscribe to discussions for email updates so that you never miss a beat. Take a look at a discussion thread here.

Peer mentorship

Spend time getting to know community members through formative and summative feedback structures. Our communities use a peer-reviewed micro-credential structure to reward achievements made and learning competencies achieved.

Share updates with whom you want, when you want

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Direct messaging

Have a quick question? Directly message members of your community or engage with other nonprofit leaders on the Participate platform. Our direct messaging feature allows you to search and connect with users in effective, real-time communication.

Community announcements

Long gone are the tedious days of creating segmented email lists. Send announcements to your nonprofit’s community or groups of users within your community on topics relevant to them. Announcements appear on the community home feed and automatically send emails to community members.

Provide authentic learning opportunities for your nonprofit

Course cards on Participate platform from the Project-Based Learning community.
Online courses

Create virtual training and blended learning experiences through self-paced online courses. Our elearning structure allows you to create courses from scratch or using existing content. Easily embed media, connect with community members in learning checkpoints and monetize courses with our built-in e-commerce functionality. Each course is accompanied with a peer-reviewed micro-credential saved to a community member’s profile and easily shared via a micro-credential link. Read more about micro-credentials.

A one-stop shop for your nonprofit’s resources

Examples of page, website, and video resource cards on the Participate platform.
Resource collections

Organize your nonprofit’s resources in online resource collections. Similar to any online cloud folder, resource collections house all of the links and descriptions you need in one, privacy-safe space. Collections can be hidden, public or private so that only members of the community or users of your choice can access them.

Nonprofits in Action

Virtual learning
The Let’s Save Summer community is a joint initiative of MHA Labs and the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to "save" as many summer youth employment and enrichment opportunities as humanly possible while also being 100% safe. The community is a space for resource sharing and communication between youth organizations and families. The community has around 20 collections on various topics from youth allyship, racial justice, leadership development, mindfulness and technology, each with robust resources to engage youth. The community combines virtual events, trainings and webinars with resources in the community so that youth and the organizations that support them can have educational and engaging opportunities this summer. Explore the community here.
Runner kneeling before starting race

The InSideOut Initiative connects thousands of educational and athletic leaders across the country in blended learning experiences to develop a culture that provides life-sustaining experiences to student-athletes. The InSideOut Initiative uses a Participate community to engage athletic administrators in experiences, strategies, resources and a learning pathway that equips them to become an InSideOut School—one that supports sports as a human growth experience and personalized and blended implementation pathways to encourage collaboration, discussion, guidance and productive feedback on the implementation of new practices.


Through crowd-funded pitch competitions, Black Girl Ventures (BGV) provides the infrastructure for women entrepreneurs to attain the funds and support they need for organizational growth. Training multiple people on how to organize and run successful pitch competitions requires more than one day of in-person training, so BGV uses an online community to train and connect pitch competition organizers and participants through elearning.

BGV’s community is the central space for content, communication, idea sharing and training around BGV pitch competitions. Virtual courses guide pitch competition facilitators through BGV culture, founder coaching, day-of event facilitation and investment readiness.

Resources for nonprofits

Explore how nonprofits like yours build community
to scale their impact.

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[Free download] Your guide to building collaborative, online communities

Sign up for a three-part guide on community facilitation, engagement and growth.

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[Blog] How a non-profit uses a community to scale access to their curriculum

Read about #ICANHELP’s community efforts to expand their message of positive social media use in teens

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[Blog] Building community around the next generation of entrepreneurs

Explore how SEED SPOT uses a community to connect educators supporting student entrepreneurs.

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