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Practical, hands-on trigonometric problem solving -- even with dynamic side/angle adjustments.
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Provides all of the basic concepts of trigonometry with user-friendly graphic presentation
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Video blackboard teaching of trigonometry by a Professor in the Mathematics at Khan Academy.
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Outstanding trigonometric visualizations
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Videos with a price tag. Good instruction with teacher talk. Worthwhile viewing for introduction.

About the Apps


Studying trigonometry is all about mastering the angles. Specifically, this includes triangles, their angles, and their sides, along with the unit circle that enables the moving radius while leaving behind triangles, angles, and sides. If an app can provide meaningful explanations of those relationships, then it is a tool that needs to be installed in the student's iPad. Trigonometry has been integrated into almost all other aspects of mathematics, so it has become essential to understand.

Here are five apps that help students understand and eventually master this tricky and technical topic.

Begin with the Trig & Pre-Calculus app, especially the videos (ignore the DVD advertisements and the web site invites). Start at Lesson 5 - Angles, Lesson 6 - Sin/Cos/Tan, Lesson 7 - Unit Circle, Lesson 8 - Graphing Trig Functions, and finally Trigonometric Identities. Honestly, these are not the best videos on the subject, but the instructor does explain what is important and how to solve the basic problems. He asks the student to memorize certain facts, which is okay - but maybe one should arrive at these conclusions by logical reasoning. At any rate, it is a good introduction.

This allows the student to progress on to the Trigonometry app, where practical triangle problems are presented in an easy to use technique.

Next up is a trigonometric calculator. Trigonomics is an app that solves triangles. It has an excellent triangle solver and incorporates trigonometric function graphing. This is a great partner app for students.

Trig Pro provides the "icing on the cake," in that it is very formal and very informative. Illustrations are excellent, with plenty of examples and memory triggers. Categories are comprehensive, logically grouped, and contain most all of the formulas and identities that make up Trigonometry.

If you want to quiz yourself with 5,000 problems that require trigonometric solutions, Test Review Trigonometry is the app for you.

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