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Fun and interactive algebra tutorials.
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Algebra ties many parts of mathematics together with number theory, geometry, and analysis. Finding unknown quantities by using substitute letters (or variables) makes algebra challenging, interesting, and relevant to the real world.

While there are a number of quality high school Algebra apps to choose from, according to our formula these are the best.

Start your journey through algebra with Algebra Touch. You will love it. The hardest concept in algebra is how to correctly manipulate numbers, variables, and expressions in such a way as to arrive at the correct answer. Algebra Touch does it by allowing you to animate the process with guiding colors and sounds. This app is a great place to start. What you don't know already, the app will not only teach you but also reinforce essential algebraic concepts as you try to decode the results of your actions.

Elevated Math has cartoon instruction along with motivational videos as to how math is used in a variety of professions. The free video teaches the user how to break down fractions by comparing it to something that the user understands, such as music notes. Other purchased videos deal with other professions. There are two free lessons and one free video, with more that can be purchased for $1.99 each.

Mathination - Equation Solver also interacts directly with the student. Students can manipulate all parts of the exercise or equation to find the answer. It also gives students an opportunity to input their own problems. The student can easily manipulate any the part of an equation or a problem exercise to their own advantage. The price is higher than the average app price, but it's worth it.

meStudying: Algebra1 should be the next app because it not only tests the received algebraic instruction, but also teaches and reinforces troublesome concepts by providing help at the conclusion of each test question. There is nothing better or more immediate than being told if your guess was correct or incorrect, and to see why it is that way.

Algebra Explained is, in fact, a series of six apps, each designed to teach a different aspect of the subject. The first one, "Order of Operations," has fun video lectures, study cards, and end–of–unit quizzes for which kids can earn graduation caps representing mastery of a topic. The real–world applications and fun video content make this a standout app for kids who need some extra help with basic content.

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