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GeometrIQ provides additional exercises to achieve understanding with geometry problems.

About the Apps


Apps for high school geometry students come in all virtual shapes and sizes. Beyond just introducing geometric concepts, the best couple lessons with real world problems and circumstances.

There aren't many credible apps for geometry students worth downloading, but with these five selections students should have every major angle covered.

iCrosss - the best of the bunch - is an app that shows you how fun geometry can be. It is a 3D geometric view of almost all different solids we know (and others we are just beginning to discover). The app allows users to rotate and see the solid from different views. Further, it allows you to make some cuts to the solid and continue your exploration of one or both pieces. If you need some information about the solid, do not worry. You will find the basic information of them whether the solid is complete or still needs additional pieces added to it.

HMH Fuse: Geometry, Common Core Edition is a comprehensive digest that covers a little bit of everything. Students will find videos to help them to understand the concepts they are reviewing at anytime. It also contains a set of examples and exercises. Need some vocabulary? No problem. With just a touch of your screen, a series of study guides will provide you with all the vocabulary you need to understand the lessons. Video lesson are everywhere, and easy to understand with step by step explanation of the example. Unfortunately the cost of the entire virtual book is high, although that can fluctuate over time.

Geometry Pro is like your security blanket. All the information you need in geometry is condensed in this app. It is a very well explained app, offering real world examples to reinforce the concepts explained at the beginning of each lesson. This app reminds students that they can make geometric connections to daily life activities and see math everywhere and in anything.

Isosceles+ is a sketch app that helps with geometry exercises while users are drawing geometric figures. Students can build as many geometric figures as they can within this hands on app. Recreate your figures from your notebook to your tablet and own the problem. You can go at your own paste for a better understanding of it.

We cannot let GeometrIQ get left behind. This is an app to use your previous knowledge in geometry and apply it in this game. Earn badges and show off your abilities playing this game. Hints are available if needed to remember what and how to solve the problem in front of you.

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  • Beth Rose:

    Just in time - finals are coming up soon and my 14yo has so much work to do holy cow!

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