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MindNode creates visually stunning mind maps, perfect for academic and personal use.
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Outliner is the perfect way for students to outline a speech or project.
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mPrompt is a fantastic tool to help students work on their public speaking skills.
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Speeches --- Speaker's notes is a catch-all app to improve public speaking.
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Dragon Dictation is perfect for those with fear of a blank page.

About the Apps


Public speaking is one of the most important skills high school students can develop. However, it seems to be one of the most difficult things to master. Students often feel overwhelmed at the thought of giving a speech. At the same time, parents are not always able (or best qualified) to help students by reviewing their speeches with them.

By using these five apps, students can plan their speeches more effectively, rehearse them in a meaningful way, and improve in this vital skill.

Additionally, some of these apps go above and beyond public speaking and into a more broad definition of communication. In this technologically advanced age, students often need a fun, visual way to explain their ideas.These apps give them ways to outline, dictate and explain things visually. The ability to explain and communicate thoughts and ideas is absolutely critical.

So in addition to being the best communication-training apps for high schoolers, they also provide other benefits.

MindNode is an outstanding visual tool to brainstorm and illustrate for any sort of presentation. It's intuitive and beautiful - a great motivator for reluctant outliners.

Outliner is a great tool for creating complete and thorough outlines of speeches, papers or other ideas. The app is easy to use and outlines can be easily shared.

mPrompt turns your device into a teleprompter, and also helps practice timing your speech.

Speeches --- Speaker's Notes helps users use their phone or iPad to review speech notes. With a visible timer, and a variety of other helpful features, it's a great tool for novice and advanced public speakers.

Dragon Dictation is an invaluable tool for those who are intimidated by sitting down to write on a blank page. This app allows you to speak and your device transcribes your words. Great way to start any speech!

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