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SoundGecko is great for struggling readers

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High school students are often reading a variety of material that is much more complex than what they've read before. Additionally, high school students can be reluctant readers. The disparity in reading levels becomes increasingly apparent as they tackle more difficult subject area content.

The apps in this section all serve a variety of purposes They focus on analysis, comprehension, literature, and listening. While they represent multiple genres and approaches, these five apps are the best for High School-aged students.

Subtext fosters discussions and critical thinking by giving teachers and students a safe forum. Teachers add ebooks or PDF articles as assigned reading, and can insert questions about the text directly into the app's Notes feature. It's an app that ensures that every student is on the same page.

Literary Analysis Guide is an outstanding tool for those needing assistance in a close read of literature, be it poetry, prose, or rhetoric. Terms are displayed in a "wheel." When clicked, a definition and tons of examples populate. It's an invaluable tool for readers trying to analyze new material.

The free Shakespeare app is a fantastic tool for those high school students embarking on reading and understanding Shakespeare. It's a great tool with detailed explanation, analyses, and definitions.

Kindle is still one of the best e-reader applications on the market. With textbooks, magazines, newspapers and books at their fingertips, high school students are sure to benefit from this classic reading app.

Finally, SoundGecko takes a totally different approach, and is a gift for struggling readers. This app takes articles and turns them into mp3s for easy listening - perfect for those who need to hear to comprehend.

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