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This list of apps focuses on explicit social skills, which is critical for middle schoolers. Explicit social skills lessons and programs (as opposed to more latent, "teaching moment" based lessons integrated into the wider curriculum) are linked to reduced agression, increased compassion and care, and feelings of empowerment in students. particularly those with special needs.

Furthermore, as middle scholars age, it's critical to start to think about goals and planning for the future beyond high school. Here we present a broad and varying set of apps that foster the social and emotional development of students with special needs. We also explain explicitly why they are the best for middle schoolers.

Between the Lines Level 1 takes its name from its focus on language that is less literal and requires reading a person’s face or body language. It uses audio recordings and videos of common social situations to expose kids to a variety of social situations. The use of impolite phrases is admirable and perhaps a first in apps directed at older kids.

Next, build your tween's self-esteem up with Middle School Confidential: Be Confident. The app offers a charming story with a powerful message of self-acceptance.

Life Skills Sampler takes the most out of video and offers a big bang with using video to teach life skills and environmental signs. It's a powerful app with a lot to offer.

Voice Meter is a great way to regulate that loud talker, or to show students how their noise is perceived by a child with noise sensitivity issues. It's a great way to start to build that sound perception/ regulation independence.

Lastly, learn Survival Signs and their meanings with Survival Signs HD. Not knowing what a sign means can lead to confusion.

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