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Mind Snacks - French offers engaging gameplay that reinforces basic vocabulary
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French Word Searches adds an educational spin to a favorite word game
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Play and Learn French HD has the most age-appropriate interface for middle school
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La Cible is aimed at students with a decent grasp of French, reinforcing with games and activities
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The best French-English Dictionary available for iDevices

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While there is an abundance of French language instruction apps aimed at early education - and tons for travel or learning a second language as an adult - there are too few quality educational apps that supplement a middle school syllabus. Thankfully, we found five that will win over and teach tweens.

At this stage a proper French/English dictionary is necessary. Larousse makes an easy-to-use and very comprehensive reference to carry your child through to high school and beyond. But dictionaries alone aren’t going to engage kids. Play & Learn French HD helps students learn around 700 French words that pertain to them in categories like school and family. The interface isn’t overly juvenile, but is colorful and has both a practice and game mode.

Learn French - MindSnacks is another app that uses simple games to reinforce basic vocabulary, and introduces common phrases. Only two elementary numbers games are included with the free app, but $4.99 opens up an additional 50 lessons. Progress is easily tracked and even adults have reported both enjoying the games and profiting from the learning experience.

Word search puzzles are fun for any age, and often find themselves in classroom use in English to teach and bolster reading and spelling skills and to reinforce recent topics. French Word Searches is no different, except the categories are displayed with English names like sports and animals. The student, then, has to figure out the right French word before going off to find it. Of course, there is a help button along with some parental control over level of difficulty

Finally we have La Cible. Published in Canada for Canadian students in French or French immersion schools La Cible is the most advanced app on the list and is easily suited to older kids as well as middle schoolers. The games do not teach French as a second language, but rather just build vocabulary and general knowledge. There are math, science, ancient civilizations and other general topics, but parents should note some games and questions have a Canadian context.

If your child finds these apps too advanced, we urge you to check out our list of French apps for elementary school and for the best in French reference for older students we also have a list for high school.

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