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Arcade style game of flashcard practices that teach basic vocabulary and sentence building.
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MindSnacks offers a colorful, attractive assortment of games to practice tons of vocabulary.
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Complement your child’s first-year Spanish curriculum with Qué Onda.
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Learn Spanish with an immersion style of practice and entertaining lessons.

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The app world is replete with language learning apps and it is important to know that one size does not fit all. The choices in this category come in a wide variety, especially in terms of age-appropriateness, effectiveness, appeal, and, of course, price. So when selecting an app for your lovable, easy-to-please tween (wink, wink) there is a lot to consider.

What may strike you as a must-have app (purposeful and budget-friendly) might not exactly be what your dear one finds most engaging (game-like and entertaining). But there are many apps to choose from that venture to meet the approval of both child and parent, and this list will help you become familiar with the options across the spectrum.

The first two apps are sure to please the gamer in your home. Fun sound effects and colorful presentations make these favorites for building vocabulary skills. The last three take learning beyond vocabulary basics to work on conversational use of Spanish. And rest assured, this selection takes into consideration the uber important factor of tween appeal.

Learn Spanish With Spanish Smash keeps the game concept simple, but the challenge to “level up” to unlock new modes of fast-paced play is highly addictive. The video game style will surely draw in your child as a repeat customer, and is a practical way to learn Spanish in small doses.

Learn Spanish - Mindsnacks also shares the same video game quality that will make any age a fan and offers a large range of vocabulary themes as well as a learner profile to track progress. Kids will enjoy learning high-frequency words and phrases in this playful app.

Another app that has nailed it with high-energy play is Learn Spanish With Lingo Arcade. The lessons are engaging and effective for vocabulary building, and as your child’s ability progresses, the lessons move beyond isolated vocabulary to incorporate phrases and sentences.

If your tween is interested in an app with a more mature feel, Learn Spanish - Qué Onda is a nice option. Lessons in the free download are perfect for reinforcing a first year Spanish curriculum. Activities are more straightforward with flashcard translations and games like hangman or concentration.

Plenty of apps make it easy to learn a huge repertoire of Spanish words and phrases. However, your child may be yearning for more conversational practice. If you are looking to invest in a solid app for your budding linguist, make sure to check out Spanish – Learn Spanish (Hello-Hello). This app emphasizes true communicative language skills and engages the learner in real-world, meaningful dialogues for an immersive experience.

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