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This is a great informational reference app that is like a time machine study of the planet Earth.

About the Apps


Geography standards are often included in the broader categories of social sciences and social studies, yet there are several important geographical elements that are addressed in those standards.

This collection of apps, beyond showcasing the best five available, includes information and activities that address both general state standards and the National Geography Standards. Some of the general concepts included in the geography standards address an understanding of:

  • The World in Spatial Terms (maps, globes, charts, locating features throughout the world, interpretation of relevant data and information, etc.)
  • Places and Regions (human and physical characteristics, concepts of regions and why they change, historical and contemporary interactions among people in different regions, change over time, etc.)
  • Physical Systems (in conjunction with many science concepts, environmental basics and human interaction are a part of the physical science along with earth materials, plate tectonics related to landforms and earthquakes, etc.)
  • Human Systems (implications of demographic structures in places and regions, effects of human migration, impact of human populations on resources, climate, etc.)
  • Environment and Society (physical processes that influence resources, consequences of natural hazards, modification of environment by humans and related outcomes, population growth, environmental issues)
  • Geographic Applications (the influence of geographic features and conditions on history during different time periods, the influence of environments on living conditions, etc.)

Three of the apps in this collection provide a wealth of information and are great resources for geographic studies. In Earth Viewer, students can explore the deep history of the Earth dating back billions of years and view related information data for each time period. With U.S. Geography by Discovery Education iPad Edition, students learn about the different geographic regions of the United States. In Barefoot World Atlas, students can explore the Earth through amazing 3D graphics as they learn about countries, regions, and features.

The remaining two apps in this collection provide either a game or quiz interface. In Stack the Countries, students learn about the countries of the world and test their knowledge by playing a game that has three different activities. In Geobee Challenge HD by National Geographic, students test their knowledge through three different types of quiz scenarios as they refine their geographic knowledge. This app is based on the National Geographic Bee in which students around the world participate.

No matter which of these apps students use, they are sure to broaden their knowledge of geography in interactive and engaging ways. Explore the apps in this collection with your students as you all learn more about our world.

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