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Learning basic to intermediate civics and government during middle school is a great foundation before entering into the in-depth study embarked upon in high school. By supplementing the social studies experience several years before becoming an eligible voter at the age of 18, an individual not only becomes an informed citizen, but an expert in the academic subject.

While there is not an abundance of apps of this subject directed to the middle school age group, the following provide a broad and engaging survey of sub-topics and exercise various study and critical thinking skills.

Civics 101, as named, is the starting ground for exploring the three branches of government, legal process, and historical progress of democracy. This is done through encyclopedic articles, helpful graphics, and multi-media presentations. Quizzes within the program assess students as they go.

Presidents PRO provides a substantial encyclopedia on each of the presidents, with personal and political information. Through a substantial variety of quizzes, users are tested on the traditional skill of memorizing all 44 in chronological order.

Civic Quotes provides quotes concerning various aspects of American democracy, accompanied by primary source images relevant to the quote theme. This comparative history app assists in recalling and applying political theory to real examples.

Pocket Law Firm is also an app which focuses on taking concepts learned - in this case, the amendments of the Constitution - and applies them to realistic scenarios. And with this program, it's by means of an incredibly fun and well-designed game where users coordinate their own law firm, matching clients and their pleas to lawyers with expertise on select civil rights.

To delve further into one of the most exciting aspects of the democratic process, Election: Run for President! allows users to experience just that - getting an idea of what a presidential election is like for the candidate. This speedy game - which you can't help but get invested in - can be played solo against the computer, or against another student. Play campaign and fundraising cards on the 50 states to see if enough ballots can win you the Oval Office!

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