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A great app for 3D exploration of animal, plant, and bacterial cells.
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Learn about cells in a lot of engaging ways
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The National Science Foundation provides easy access to engaging media from around the world.
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This media-rich app explores the different ecosystems of our world.
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Study endangered species with up-to-date information, fascinating photos, and insightful videos.

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There are so many great apps for life science in the middle school, that it is difficult to highlight just five. However, these are five of our favorites. Several of the apps in this category are created as resources of information that are published in engaging and interesting ways, taking advantage of the full capabilities of the iPad's technology. (This is true for many of the apps developed for middle school and high school students.)

The apps in this category contain information and activities that address many of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills we strive to develop in our students. Additionally, the apps also relate to the proposed Next Generation Science Standards.

Learning about cells is no longer limited to photos in a textbook or standing in line to view a slide through a microscope. With great apps like HudsonAlpha iCell and Cells by KIDS DISCOVER, cells "come to life" as we interact with them.

Six biomes can be explored in Ecosystems HD, and students can learn about threatened animals in Britannica Kids: Endangered Species. The National Science Foundation's Science360 for iPad provides amazing videos and images along with information about current topics of interest and news from the scientific world.

As the Next Generation Science Standards are undergoing final revision, the framework for those standards addresses the key concepts listed below for student understanding of Life Science.

• The first concept for student understanding is "From molecules to organisms: Structures and processes."

• The second concept for student understanding is "Ecosystems: Interactions, energy, and dynamics."

• The third concept for student understanding is "Heredity: Inheritance and variation of traits."

• The fourth concept for student understanding is "Biological evolution: Unity and diversity."

As students learn the science of the world around them, what they experience through many of these apps is magical to them. Both students and adults alike find so many of these topics exciting and of great interest. Enjoy these apps with your students as you explore and use them together!

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