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Design and build structures using principles of physics and engineering, then test your designs!
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This bridge building game is highly addictive as users create virtual bridges.
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This is a fun app that lets you play with a little monster and his physics!
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Use this app for video analyses of the physics of objects in motion.
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Draw your designs as you work through physics challenges in this bright and colorful app.

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About the Apps


As the Next Generation Science Standards are being published, the framework for those standards addresses the key concepts for student understanding of shysical sciences that are listed below.

  • The first concept for student understanding is "Matter and its interactions."

  • The second concept is "Motion and stability: forces and interactions."

  • The third concept for student understanding is "Energy."

  • And, the final and fourth concept is "Waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer."

The apps in this collection focus on many of these core concepts as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related skills. Using real life objects to experiment and from which to learn in the area of basic physics principles is very important. In addition, using apps to learn new concepts, then practice and reinforce principles already learned is exciting and engaging. It motivates the student to continue by exploring and designing new challenges in physics, and study the physics of motion by video, which is no small accomplishment.

In Simple Physics and Bridge Constructor Playground, students are able to build a lot of different types of structures, then test them. This is a great exercise in both physics and engineering knowledge.

In Monster Physics and Touch Physics HD, students work to solve problems and apply physics principles to design solutions. Creativity is definitely a cultivated skill in these two apps.

Finally, in Vernier Video Physics, kids really get excited when they are able to video different motion activities, then analyze them with the app. Consider how that app could be used in relation to throwing a pitch in baseball, shooting a free throw in basketball, and many other activities!

This collection of physics apps should be engaging and challenging for both students and adults. In fact, why don't you find your favorite student and tackle one of these apps together today?

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