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Khan Academy is a series of instructional videos and practice problems in several content areas
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Students play bingo by solving algebraic equations
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Basic Algebra skills learned and practiced in an engaging, kinesthetic way.
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This app helps students solve and check problems in a fun way.
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Wolfram Alpha is your search engine for facts, answers to math problems, and cool statistics.

About the Apps


Algebra class can be a difficult time for our students, so it is important to find resources that not only teach content, but also guide children through the problem solving process. There are many apps that provide content through videos and practice with formulas.

In this collection, you will find apps that support your middle school students as they work their way through pre-algebra, 8th grade math and algebra. While there are not a lot of game-type apps geared directly toward the topic of algebra, there are some valuable resources and elements of support for students in their acquisition of middle school math.

The combination of educational content and accessibility make these five the best for this age group.

Khan Academy is an instructional app that not only provides students resources for learning math skills, but allows students to progress through a Mind Map where they can practice skills, prove mastery and earn rewards.

The WolframAlpha app is your one-stop math search engine. WolframAlpha allows users to search topics and even specific math problems. When searching a specific math problem, not only are students provided the answer, but also the steps required to solve the problem This is done via a graphical representation of the problem, and in some cases similar content.

Algebra Touch is a robust and engaging app that allows students to physically solve math problems on the device. If offers a broad range of math content and interactivity.

MyScript Calculator is a fun calculator app that solves complex problems right before your eyes using your own writing. The user handwrites the problem and the calculator translates it into text and solves it.

The last app is Alge-bingo, which is a fun way to play bingo while practicing skills in solving equations.

Whether you are looking for help in completing math homework or just a fun game to practice skills, this collection of middle school algebra apps has just what you need!

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  • jaymama:

    ok how do you get your kid to want to play math games instead of other games especily at older age

  • Janet Gronneberg:

    you might want to check out 2 free Apps developed by education researchers at CAST, designed to help struggling middle schoolers develop algebraic reasoning: MathSquared and MathScaled

  • Erika Kerekes:

    Thanks for the recommendations, Janet! How do those apps stack up on our report card scoring system? Might be interesting to compare. Details are here:

  • Janet Gronneberg:

    Is that something that I should do or is that done by testers?

  • Erika Kerekes:

    Our experts will be reviewing their categories periodically, so it's good that you mentioned the apps here - it will get them on their radar. Meantime, you can use our report card as a guide. It's always good to get outside opinions!

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