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While everything is relative within the realm of geometry and measurement, there are some apps that teach these principals to middle schoolers that are clearly superior to others.

Geometry explores the shape, size and relative position of figures. We are only just scratching the surface in terms of how these concepts are taught on touchscreen devices (after generations of blackboard-based lessons). While there is not an overflow of options available, we do recommend five apps in particular for this age group.

Students should be able to recognize and utilize different ways to approach problems. Start with HMH Math on the Spot, which is a great app because it's like having a tutor on-the-go. The professor on the videos has extensive knowledge of how to get students to be interested in problem solving using geometry. This app uses real life situations to make the lessons meaningful to students. Parents should be warned that not all the lessons are available for free, and each new lesson has an individual price.

Math. is an app from the developer, and is also another on the go tutor. It is a complete set of middle school and high school math lessons, but you can choose which subject to explore and study. It offers extra activities and challenging exercises, and shows you videos that will help students understand specific topics. Geometry Combat is an interesting math game that allows a student to challenge others in order to solve problems in class or at home. Teachers can set it up to use it in class and parents can compete with their kids.

Geoboard is a different type app in that it serves as a virtual manipulative for students. At school, teachers usually set-up sets of manipulatives for the entire class, and sometimes the time for a student is limited or not enough. Geoboard helps students to achieve the goal of understanding geometric figures. THe app can be used to introduce the concept of area and perimeter.

Finally, we present Geometry Concepts. This app will help students obtain a better understanding of the basic concept of geometry from 7th grade and up. Need a last review for a test? This app will go with you to review a concept you might have been confused about or you might have forgotten the specifics. It's like having your classroom notes with you all the time.

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