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"Ooops" is an order of operation game for middle school students.
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"Gridloch" is a math app that gets the brain functioning in a small story problem setting.
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This app is an order of operations game which uses the dice to build numbers to solve the equation.
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Doodle Numbers is a search and find game that makes using and thinking about numbers fun.
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Math tool that intrigues the mind, incorporating a competitive element.

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Numeracy is the application of numerical concepts through reason. Middle school picks up the numerical introductions from elementary school and attempts to make them relevant by practical applications, homework, and classroom worksheets and quizzes.

It's all about connecting the concepts to the practical world. Accordingly, the best apps to teach numeracy to middle school students need to have a compelling, if not entertaining, premise. This age group is fickle, and downloading a numeracy app that doesn't engage will likely be met with a frown.

Here are five numeracy apps that are as entertaining as they are informative. That is what makes them the best of the bunch.

The Doodle Numbers Quiz app is a fine introduction to Middle School Numeracy. It begins with the concept of ordering numbers, matching numbers, and adding numbers in a competitive game environment. Similar to the 'Logos Quiz' game, this app challenges the student to match correct numbers before the clock runs out.

The second app you should consider downloading is Gridloch, because it allows the student to pick an avatar and travel to a kingdom filled with characters. This connects the matching skill learned in Doodle Numbers Quiz with a fun adventure. Learning while having fun is certainly not a bad thing.

Another app more than worthy of consideration is 5 Dice. This app introduces not only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers, but also the order of their operations. Parentheses make the order of operations a bit interesting and the bottom line is that it is a fun game!

Ooops is also an order of operations game, yet it also serves as a more formal instructional application. The student can drag a single parenthesis to various locations in an equation until the correct solution is revealed with a fun noise.

Finally, we recommend Numbler, which is the most fun of all the apps. Like the popular game Words with Friends, the student can find a partner to compete against, or just compete against the computer. Caution: with an internet connection, a student can compete against a stranger in this game. Adjust the privacy settings before introducing it to your kid.

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