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Middle school students are at a critical time in their skill development. Students in these middle grades oftentimes begin to take on more challenging work academically. Expectations are higher, even in things like speeches and sharing oral assignments with their classmates.

Middle school students are at a difficult age because some of the apps geared towards younger students suddenly feel too young for them, while others are still lagging behind their peers. Additionally, middle school students start having preferences about what to listen to, get interested in news, and start taking more responsibility for their academic achievements.

With these variables in mind, each of these apps are the best in helping students "in the middle" with their speaking and listening skills.

Dragon Dictation really is the best app out there for speak-to-text use. Students who have fear of the blank page will find this tool invaluable for speaking and seeing their ideas materialize before them.

While once reserved for tech types and those in the know, podcasts, news radio show, and other forms of auditory listening are growing in popularity for the younger generation. Stitcher Radio is a great place to streamline podcasts and news, all in one place, for easy listening.

Smart Mouth Public Speaking Toolkit is a great tool to teach how to write an effective speech, including templates and prompts each step of the way.

Category Carousel is designed to help with listening skills and language development. As students transition from the lower grades, critical listening skills and the ability to think categorically are vital and this app refines those skills.

Speaking Spelling Bee is a fun and awesome tool for auditory learners to review their spelling skills. The ability to customize your lists makes this app great for reviewing words for school.

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