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Middle schoolers are aptly named because they are, in fact, "in the middle." Most have outgrown the more childish games and readings found in elementary school, but few are advanced enough to move on to more complex high school texts.

The goals in middle school reading are fairly simple: reinforce strategies and knowledge gained in elementary school and lay the foundation for successful reading in high school through practice and skill building.

The apps found in this section help build the skills kids need to be successful in their reading abilities. While all may not be appropriate for every single middle school-aged reader, the apps selected target this unique age and ability level. They are also the best out of a number of wonderful options.

iTooch 7th Grade Reading and Language Arts is really a one-stop shop for all skills for middle schoolers, with an emphasis on reading, writing and grammar. This app is also tied to the National Common Core standards, meaning that users get a truly educational experience to support what's going on in the classroom.

Brush of Truth brings back the old school Choose Your Own Adventure style book, grabbing students interest by allowing them to choose the ending of the story they're reading.

Professor Garfield: Fact or Opinion helps middle school readers start to understand the important difference between factual reading and opinions. It's a great way to introduce them to these concepts as many will encounter their first real research paper in junior high, and need to understand source credibility.

Middle School Confidential 1: Be Who You Are is an amazing graphic novel designed for middle schoolers. Not only does it help with reading, it also addresses age-appropriate concerns about friendships, changes in body and self-esteem. A great, engaging read.

Finally, The Spellinguists is a perfect app for struggling readers. It helps them build spelling skills, see high-frequency words, and work on their reading abilities.

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