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A good awareness of our own bodies can promote self-esteem, and of course, help our physical development. Luckily, there is no lack of apps geared towards the very young to start learning about our bodies in fun and interactive ways. It’s like taking the song “Head and Shoulders” to the next level! Since the pool is so far-reaching, the apps I suggest below are each fully polished, professional and impressive.

I’ll start with two apps which are geared specifically towards the youngest of users. The first, from Fischer Price, is Laugh & Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose ,and uses stellar animation and fun songs to teach about different body parts. The second is Toca Doctor HD from renowned children's app developer Toca Boca, and offers puzzles based on the human body in a vague enough way that kids will have fun, possibly without even realizing they’re learning about anatomy.

For slightly older kids, there are apps that are a little more education-based while still offering quite a bit entertainment value. Body Parts by Tinytapps includes the basic overview of parts, but includes games like "Simon says," puzzles and quizzes to keep kids engaged and entertained. It also offers content based on our five senses, which I didn't find in any other app in this field.

If you’re specifically interested in tracking your child’s educational milestones on this subject, I’d recommend Parts of the Body from Family Play. This app incorporates the learning aspect and quiz, but offers a more in-depth measuring and grading system for parents including weekly email reports of progress. All of Family Play’s apps have this feature.

Finally, one of the most comprehensive anatomy apps for children is This is my Body. This app is impressive, both in it’s design and features. It’s educational, covering all aspects of the human organism, from growing, digestion, bones and more. It’s interactive enough for young children, but offers more comprehensive reading for older ones, too. It’s a top pick, and proudly rounds out the best apps in this category.

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