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Coloring book app that is designed specifically for very young children
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Dora the Explorer and her friends from Nick Jr. are featured in this coloring app.
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Interactive book app that offers a fun story with animation to teach shapes and colors
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Storybook and interactive games inspired by life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci

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When searching for apps that teach our littlest ones about art, the knee-jerk reaction is to look for touchscreen-based coloring books. While there are certainly great drawing apps for toddlers that we recommend, we also salute apps that can foster a lifelong appreciation of the arts. There are many apps which fail to do each, but thankfully these five paint a compelling picture for toddlers and their parents alike.

One of the most robust drawing apps available is from Nick Jr., hosted by Dora the Explorer, called Draw & Play HD. The apps lets your child rely on a familiar face when making coloring pages, e-cards, and collages. Although it does feature popular characters that your children may recognize, the commercial title could be considered pricey. So if you want to opt for a less expensive but very engaging drawing app, then I suggest Paint Sparkles Draw. This app has a fantastic age-appropriate interface, and lots of in-app features for bringing out the creativity in anyone!

Looking for something a little bit more challenging? Friendly Shapes by TabTale LTD is a storybook that teaches kids shapes and colors as they follow the adventures alongside in-app games. If you’re looking for something more measurable, Shapes Toddler Preschool is a fantastic education-based app that offers several different methods of learning by engaging with flashcards and games. It also features individual in-app report cards for measuring progress.

Finally, if you're looking for an app that will help introduce young children to the world of fine arts, I would highly suggest Da Vinci - History by Quelle Histoire, the official administration of France Museums. The features an interactive storybook and games that revolve around the life and work of one of the world's most famous artists, and makes every effort to ensure that classical art is more accessible for a younger audience.

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