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Produced by French Language officials in Canada, Mini TFO! enages kids with games and videos
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French Words for Kids HD focuses on pre-reading and pre-writing skills including phonics
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LinguPinguin - English French / Français Anglais fosters bilingualism with humor
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French Baby Flash Cards have audio and age appropriate photos.
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Zapzap the Bee boasts all the features of a good quality digibook in French!

About the Apps


Developmental psychologists and educators know that the younger a child is exposed to a language, the better. Every human is capable of speaking any language at birth, and babies and toddlers absorb language at rates older children and adults can’t come close to. This plasticity is temporary and always narrowing, so it's best to expose your child to a second (or third) language earlier than later.

Because parents want to use this self-limiting time effectively, the App Store is replete with apps that purport to teach babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers French. It's not easy, however, to suss out the quality apps from filler. To make things easier, we’ve put together five that make the process fun, and also impart knowledge that can be built upon later when your child enters school.

The long term efficacy of flashcards is dubious. But many people swear by them, so we’ve chosen a French flashcard app that includes real photos of real objects with pronunciation in French Baby Flash Cards.

From Canada with a mission to prepare a child for a French or bilingual education, comes Mini TFO!. This app combines preschool videos with simple games like coloring pages and jigsaw puzzles, all in a French interface.

For learning with a silly spin, we’ve chosen LinguPinguin - English French for offering fairly advanced vocabulary in an interface designed for the preschool set. The app uses humor and surprises to keep kids engaged.

My First French Interactive book: Zapzap the bee is a polished digibook for little ones in French, of course. We picked French Words for Kids HD, because it moves from just learning words to focusing on pronunciation and spelling.

Together these apps will give your child a head start towards bilingualism.

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  • grammasue:

    I am sending this list to my daughter right now. She wants to teach her kids French and they are in preschool (twins).

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